Treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel

“Herzliya Medical Center” private hospital is an outstanding medical institution in Israel. This multi-institution obtains a wide range of medical treatments in Israel; procedures and services such as accurate diagnostics, consultations with top Israeli specialists, conservative and innovative surgical treatment of the highest level.

“Herzliya Medical Center” provides medical treatment for Israeli citizens and international patients; around 20,000 surgeries are performed and thousands of diagnostic tests and treatments are carried out.

The departments and institutes at HMC are listed below:

Quality and Professionalism

The high-quality treatment in Israel primarily results from the exceptional professionalism of the staff. “Herzliya Medical Center” cooperates with 400 Israeli doctors with extensive practical experience and deep knowledge.

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, oncologists, cardiologists, and other specialists have been educated in Israeli institutes or foreign universities, they go through many years of training in their chosen field of medicine. After graduation, Israeli doctors continue to improve their knowledge and develop new medical techniques; they participate in international exchange programs and in training courses and conduct research work.

Modern Equipment

“Herzliya Medical Center” is equipped with the latest medical technologies. Diagnostic equipment allows us to perform validation of any complexity and to identify the disease at an early stage, before the onset of clinical signs.

To replace invasive techniques, safer technologies have been introduced, such as virtual colonoscopy, replacing the standard colonoscopy, or computed tomography of the heart, which is used as an alternative to angiography.

“Herzliya Medical Center” boasts modern equipment in the operating rooms which are necessary to perform the most complex procedures, such as cardiac and neurosurgery, as well as minimally invasive endoscopic procedures.

New Technologies

Israeli medicine is under continuous development and improvement. Treatments in Israel boast the latest achievements of clinical and biomedical research are immediately studied, analyzed and implemented in daily practice.
Due to scientific discoveries and unique developments in the field of high technologies in Israel, progressive clinical techniques and effective medicines of the new generation are applied, thus diseases previously considered lethal, are treatable now in Israel.

Quality and Safety Standards

The process of treatment at “Herzliya Medical Center” meets international standards. The quality of treatment is achieved through the coordinated work of a multidisciplinary team in all the departments, carefully planning the procedures and a streamlined control system.

The main priority of the hospital is patient safety. The hospital guarantees, in the first place, high professionalism of the attending staff. The modern means of monitoring which are equipped with advanced operating rooms and hospital wards, allow to track critical changes in the condition of the patient and to prevent the development of complications. All staff members at HMC are well-trained and are able to assist in abnormal and emergency situations.

Individual Approach

“Herzliya Medical Center” has adopted an individual approach to treating patients. The hospital strongly believes in the assertion that the doctor needs to treat the patient and not the disease. For each patient’s personal treatment an individualized plan is developed which takes into account all aspects of the disease, personal characteristics and the specific needs of the patient.

Care and Comfort

“Herzliya Medical Center” guarantees that patients receive a positive approach. Your stay is important to the staff and will make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

The hospital wards and the hospital rooms have been carefully designed. There are outstanding chambers and VIP-suites as one would find in a five-star hotel. A translator is provided to patients who need translation services and a case manager who coordinates all the medical trip.

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