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doctor holding an XrayUntil around 100 years ago, a brief period in historical terms, in medicine there was no way of understanding what was occurring within the person’s body without carrying out an invasive examination of his body. In 1895, x-ray imaging was invented, bringing about a real revolution in the medical approach. Today, x-ray examinations are one of the most important and common diagnostic tools in the world of medicine.

At the sophisticated imaging institute at Herzliya Medical Center Hospital, examinations are performed in a wide range of fields, including x-ray examinations. The clinical staff, composed of professional radiographers and specialist radiologists, utilize the most modern and advanced apparatus, providing patients with digital x-ray images and fluoroscopy studies of high quality and at a low level of radiation.

X-ray imaging – the technical aspect

X-ray images are made using special rays (x-rays). X-rays aimed during imaging at the human body penetrate and are absorbed in objects that have high density. The higher the density of the object reached by the ray, the more radiation absorbed, yielding a range of white/grey colors on the image, allowing the organs/structures to be assessed.

The benefit provided by x-ray technology in medicine

Regular x-ray images provide the physician with a “glimpse” into the patient’s body and assessment of some of its internal structures:

  • Bones are well demonstrated, and they can be assessed for diseases, fractures or dislocation of the bone from its normal anatomic locations.
  • The chest can be assessed, making it possible to discern inflammation, chronic diseases, tumors, pathologic fractures of bones in the chest, and the size of the heart shadow, which could indicate heart problems.
  • An abdominal x-rays, it is possible to discern the various abdominal organs, such as the condition of the bowel, urinary system, liver, etc.
  • X-rays enable a range of additional examinations of body structures, such as mammography and more.

X-ray examinations at Herzliya Medical Center

The x-ray institute that operates at Herzliya Medical Center allows you to undergo general x-ray examinations under the best conditions. Advanced technology, professional radiographers and first class specialists in radiology, with whose help you will be able to have x-ray images made for various purposes:

  1. Common x-ray examinations such as chest, abdominal, paranasal sinus and skeletal x-rays from different angles and in different positions.
  2. X-ray examinations for children, performed at a particularly low level of radiation.

Additionally, special x-ray examinations are performed by the Institute’s physicians:

  • UGI examination, to assess the condition of the stomach and small bowel, including the esophagus and duodenum.
  • Barium enema – to demonstrate the large bowel.
  • IVP (intravenous pyelogram) – to demonstrate the urinary tract and kidneys.
  • Cystography and retrograde urethrography – the image of the urinary bladder and urinary tract.
  • Examination to assess, adjust and care for gastric bands implanted for bariatric purposes.
  • Fluoroscopy of various organs for follow-up after operations.
  • Imaging and fluoroscopy of the uterus and organs of the pelvis minor.
  • Insertion of therapeutic catheters.
  • Fluoroscopy of the chest for diagnosis of movement of the diaphragm.
  • And additional fluoroscopy images using x-rays for additional varied purposes.

Radiographers at Herzliya Medical Center also perform x-ray examinations in the patient’s room and fluoroscopy examinations during operations using sophisticated mobile x-ray machines. All x-ray images made at the hospital are stored in a special digital archive. The examinations and images are burned onto a disk with a special viewing program enabling the physician and patient to utilize, view and analyze the medical information.
At the Imaging Institute, the leading radiologists in Israel are at your disposal, with maximal appointment availability, rapid, accurate and professional interpretation, providing results within a very short time.
If needed, an appointment can be made for consultation and further treatment with specialist physicians in all fields of medicine.
In addition to our care for professional medicine at high standards, we strive to provide a homely atmosphere and superb service, helping you to spend your time at the hospital in a pleasant and easy manner.