Why Herzliya Medical Center?

About Us

“Herzliya Medical Center” Private Hospital is one of the leading medical institutions in Israel, founded in 1983 with the aim of creating a medical institution that meets the high standards of private medicine. In this multi-institution, patients are offered a full range of medical services: consulting top Israeli experts, in-depth diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment of the highest level.

The International Department of the hospital provides services to patients from 50 countries, as well as representatives of diplomatic missions, businessmen and tourists.

Top experts in Israel

A distinctive feature of HMC Private Hospital is its specialists; three hundred and fifty leading doctors in senior positions working at the best hospitals in Israel, with extensive practical experience and deep knowledge are invited to collaborate at HMC. Current data shows that according to the 2013 Healthcare Report, 7850 foreign patients have been admitted to Herzliya Medical Center for surgical procedures.

Department of Medical Tourism

In 2001, Herzliya Medical Center founded an exclusive department of medical tourism; the first patients were Embassy representatives that were posted to Israel. The department of medical tourism at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital provides translation services for the medical tourists and a Case Manager whose function is to coordinate the treatment process and to communicate with the hospital staff on behalf of the patient.

HMC Staff include

  • 500 high-level specialists
  • 122 nurses
  • 74 of the nurses with higher education
  • 20,000 annual operations
  • 5000 orthopedic procedures
  • 5600 general surgery procedures
  • 1600 bariatric procedures
  • 19 outpatient clinics
  • 4 hospitalization offices
  • 7 operating rooms
  • 2 pharmacies
  • 12 VIP Chambers


“Herzliya Medical Center” has high popularity among foreign patients due to its advantageous location on the Mediterranean coast. Herzliya is a beautiful city with white sand beaches, hotels, fine restaurants, recreational and resort areas. Warm sun and fresh sea breeze have its powerful argument in favor of the decision to come to Israel and to combine treatment with leisure.

We are doing all we can to make the organization of the arrival to Herzliya Medical Center as careless as possible to the patient. That’s why we are actively searching for representatives in major cities. There are currently 3 representative agencies set for your convenience in Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk.

Modern equipment

“Herzliya Medical Center” Private Hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment. Diagnostic equipment allows us to perform any complex medical test and identify the disease at an early stage, before the onset of clinical signs. Operating rooms boast modern equipment necessary to perform complex interventions with minimally invasive procedures.

Surgical Divisions:


The main priority of HMC is patient safety which is strict adherence to health protocols monitoring the patient’s condition. Modern monitoring tools allow to supervise critical changes in the status of each patient and to prevent the development of complications. All team members at Herzliya Medical Center have been trained thoroughly and are able to assist in abnormal and emergency situations.

Individual approach

“Herzliya Medical Center” Private Hospital adopted an individual approach for treating patients. We sincerely believe in treating the patient as an individual, not just the disease. For each patient, a personal treatment plan is developed. It takes into account all aspects of the disease, concomitant diseases, drug therapy, personal characteristics and specific needs of the patient.

Care and comfort

Each patient at “Herzliya Medical Center” is guaranteed a sensitive and respectful approach. Friendly and attentive staff provide comprehensive care for patients and make every effort so that the patient can have a comfortable stay.

At “Herzliya Medical Center”, the infrastructure and interior design have been carefully considered. In addition to single and double standard rooms, there are VIP-suites; the decor of which resembles a hotel room rather than a hospital room. All patients without exception are assigned to a personal medical coordinator.

Contact information

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