V.I.P. Services

V.I.P. Services

VIP Services for Medical Tourists – “Herzliya Medical Center”

“Herzliya Medical Center” is the best private hospital in Israel which offers exclusive services to its patients. VIP services to medical tourists ensure personal assistance and care for patients at all stages of diagnosis and treatment from the first minutes they step in the medical institution. “Herzliya Medical Center” boasts high standards of medical services in Israel; an unrivaled combination of professional specialists, modern equipment utilizing innovative technologies, personal care and attentive treatment ensuring effective treatment.

VIP services – where quality is not just a word

Our task is to create optimal conditions for your speedy recovery. We understand the problems that one encounters, patients who find themselves in another country have to cope with many difficulties; administrative issues and health-related issues. For those who value their time and for whom comfort is an important factor, VIP services at our hospital will provide all the necessary conditions for treatment in Israel. We take care of your comfort and tranquility during the entire period of your stay.

VIP Services include an assigned personal Assistant – A Case Manager Accompanying the Patient for treatment in Israel. Our staff has extensive experience in the health care system and will assist you with bureaucratic and administrative issues. They update the patient on procedures and dates of the specialist’s consultations and help overcome the language barrier. If a patient has free time, a tour of Israel can be tailored for him/her. The experience of our staff will fulfill your requests and needs strictly observing professional ethics. The Case Manager is available to resolve any issues, 24 hours a day.

VIP Services from the minute you land

Our services commence from the first minute you step in Israel. Please look for our Case Manager who will meet you personally at Ben-Gurion Airport with the identification trademark of Herzliya Medical Center (HMC), as depicted in the picture above, and then help you to quickly go through all the necessary procedures for the issuance of a visa and provide you with a comfortable journey prepared in advance until your arrival to your room. If necessary, VIP service employees will organize medical assistance at the airport and delivery to specially equipped vehicles, ensuring your maximum safety. We take care of everything you need, including the smallest details according to your tastes, preferences, and desires. The entire plan of your stay will be submitted for your approval beforehand by our experts located at “Herzliya Medical Center”.

VIP services at HMC

Concierge VIP Services

Concierge VIP Services include the following:

  • A luxury car
  • Assistance in obtaining documents and providing a full range of notarial services
  • Hotel rooms of a higher category
  • Arrangements for the delivery of essential drugs and medical equipment
  • Help and advice in purchasing cosmetic products and skincare
  • The supply and purchase of necessary dietary supplements and purchase in accordance with the recommendations of dietitians
  • Leisure, including theatre tickets and the best concert halls in the country
  • Exclusive travel and excursions with private guides
  • Visiting the best recreation centers and spas
  • Visiting the best shopping centers in the country according to personal preferences and interests

We will do everything to make your stay in the country as pleasant as possible and help you to cope with the disease. We want your trip to Israel to be a memorable experience, as a treatment in Israel is not only about the professionalism of physicians, but also an unsurpassed quality of VIP services.

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