Patient Information

Patient Information

Dear patient,

We at the Herzliya Medical Center are aware that numerous questions about medical and procedural issues surface prior to your surgery and hospitalization.

Therefore, we took care of all the details in order to provide you and your accompanying persons with all the essential information in advance, thus making the entire process easier for you.

What should you bring to the hospital?

  • An identification card (a minor should arrive with the identification card of one parent, including the attachment with the minor’s personal details)
  • A letter of referral signed by a physician
  • Laboratory test results and x-rays
  • All regularly taken medications
  • Some method of payment (credit card/check) or insurer’s reimbursement form

Registration and admission

Your personal case manager will receive you at the admission department located on the entrance floor; she will request your medical documents, and payment arrangements will be taken care of.
Upon admission, you will receive a sheet with your patient number, which will appear on the surgical patient monitoring system screens. This monitor provides updates on the surgical patient’s status.

The screens are located in the hospital waiting areas and in the cafeteria.
In addition, you may use the update service of TELME, enabling your relatives to receive updates to their mobile phones about your progress, from the arrival to the operating room until your discharge from the hospital.
At the end of the registration process, a nurse will meet you and prepare you for the surgery/catheterization, according to the procedure type and physician’s instructions (changing clothes, shaving, disinfection of the surgical site, removal of jewelry, etc.)

Important!! Please leave valuable items and cash at home or give them to your escorts you.

The hospital is not responsible for any lost items.

Surgery and hospitalization

At the end of the preparation process, you will be accompanied by the nurse to the department, recovery room or immediately to the operating room. At the end of the procedure, you will be hospitalized at the department appropriate for your procedure (recovery, treatment) for further treatment and follow-up. This updated information will appear on the surgical patient monitoring system screens.


To ensure a pleasant experience, the hospital rooms of the hospital are fitted to the highest standard of accommodation. If you want to order and reserve a private room or a suite, you may order it in advance for an additional cost. In order to provide patients with quiet and complete rest, hospital policy does not allow an overnight stay of the patient’s relatives. Overnight stay with children is allowed, subject to the approval of the person in charge of the department.

The medical and nursing team is at your service

The treating physician accompanying the patient for the entire hospitalization period establishes the treatment procedures and guides the medical and nursing team members. A physician-on-call is present at the hospital 24 hours a day. The nursing team includes nurses experienced in all aspects of nursing.

For your convenience – you may contact the nursing team with any questions or problems occurring during the hospitalization.

A rich menu selection for you to choose from

A cook is at your service in every department.

During your hospitalization, you will be able to choose your favorite meal from a variety of menus.

For your information, the hospital is certified kosher.

Patients interested in Kosher Lemehadrin food will receive special Badatz-certified meat meals.


There is Wi-Fi wireless Internet in all hospitalization departments for the convenience of patients and their relatives.

Discharge from the hospital

Financial arrangements must be taken care of at the admission desk prior to discharge from the department.
Discharge letters and instructions for home care will be provided upon discharge. In the event of serious problems related to surgery following your discharge, you must contact your attending physician.

Contact information

Herzliya Medical Center

Tel: +972-9-959-4888