The prices of the medical services in Israel

The prices of the medical services in Israel

It is no secret that Israel is one of the highest-ranking countries with popular medical tourism. Israel has achieved his place owing to the high level of medicine, doctors’ professionalism, continuous introduction of advanced treatment methods and technologies and, of course, prices of the medical services.

The cost of treatment in Israel, as well as in Herzliya Medical Center depends on many factors and usually, it is possible to say exactly the price of forthcoming therapy only after thorough diagnostics in Israeli clinic


The factors which could affect the cost of treatment include:

  • The medical field, in which the patient needs medical assistance. For example, the general surgical procedures are less expensive, than orthopedic surgery.
  • The patient’s condition at his (or her) arrival in Israel. A sick person who doesn’t require round-the-clock care and monitoring could go through necessary procedures like outpatient. In the case when a patient needs hospitalization, the final cost of treatment in Israel would be significantly increased.
  • The quality of a patient’s X-ray images and histological specimens. Usually, patients bring with themselves CD with radiograms, and in a case of oncological disease, paraffin blocks with a verified tumor. Unfortunately, sometimes the quality of X-ray images and histological specimens is insufficient. In such cases, a patient should be directed to the re-examination for a better diagnostic.
  • Medication treatment. Often, patients do not need surgical intervention and require only drug therapy. Medicines of Israeli origin are more expensive than similar drugs from Russia and Ukraine however, they are more qualitative. A patient should decide is he ready to pay more for more effective medicaments. It’s important to point out that Israeli clinics offer home delivery of medicines from Israel to foreign patients.
  • The duration of required procedures may increase the cost with regards to accommodation and food.
  • A medical facility in which patient is treated. Prices in public sector clinics differ from prices in private medical facilities, as well as, the cost of treatment in the center of the country differs from the prices in clinics in suburban areas of the country.
  • To contact a hospital directly or through agents. In a case of contacting the Herzliya Medical Center directly using this official clinic web-site, patients receive a less expensive medical services because save money on treatment organization by agents.

The cost of treatment in the “Herzliya Medical Center”

“Herzliya Medical Center” is the leading private medical centre in Israel proposing the high level of medicine, as well as, high-class service. The cost of treatment in “Herzliya Medical Center” doesn’t exceed an average value in Israel. For example:


Procedure Name

Price in $

Consultation with the specialist from 500
Hospitalization at normal warm (per day) from 965
Hospitalization at Intensive Care Unit (per day) from 3615
Rehabilitation services (per day) from 150
Dialysis from 750

Laboratory studies

Blood and urine tests from 175
Biopsy (CT guided) from 3200
Biopsy (Cytology) from 135
Radiological examinations
Ultrasound examination from 440
X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes from 440
Doppler ultrasonography of internal organs from 650
Positron emission tomography (PET) from 1800
Radionuclide bone scan from 530
CT (Computed Tomography) of a body area from 680
CT (Computed Tomography) of all body from 1360
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) contrast agents from 1400
X-ray examination from 140
Radionuclide scanning of internal organs from 530
EEG examination (Electroencephalography) from 450
Electromyography from 600

Cardiology and cardiac surgery procedures

Coronary artery bypass grafting (cost of aortography and shunt is included) from 30000
Doppler echocardiography (Doppler ultrasonography of heart) from 585
Replacing a heart valve from 33000
Radionuclide scanning of heart with Thallium (Thallium Stress Test) from 1400
Virtual coronary angiography from 1720
Holter monitoring from 350

Vascular Surgery Procedures

Angiography from 1720
Doppler ultrasonography of the carotid arteries from 585
Unilateral varicose veins treatment from 13000
Femoral-popliteal bypass graft surgery from 20000

Gynecological procedures

Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) from 10150
IVF (in vitro fertilization) from 5500
Colposcopy and biopsy from 1800
Surgical laparoscopy from 10000
Mastectomy with reconstruction from 5830

Orthopedic procedures

Diagnostic Arthroscopy from 3000
Surgical Arthroscopy from 5500
Hip Replacement Surgery (one hip) from 23000
Knee Replacement Surgery from 23000
Spinal disc herniation surgery from 15000
Orthopedic procedures
Diagnostic Arthroscopy from 3000
Surgical Arthroscopy from 5500
Spinal disc herniation surgery from 15000
Cervical disc herniation surgery from 22000

Urological procedures

Prostatectomy (open) from 10000
Prostatitis Treatment from 4500
Transurethral resection of the prostate from 12500

Cystoscopic examination of the bladder

Vitrectomy Surgery from 9900
Replacing the lens (the prosthesis is included) from 6500
Preventive course of laser therapy from 2475
Treatment of retinal detachment from 9000
Cataract removal from 6500
Modern corneal transplantation from 10000
Eye Blood Vessel Imaging (Fluorescein Angiography) from 680

Neurosurgical procedures

Removing the tumor from 35000
Microsurgical reconstruction of spinal pathologies and peripheral nerves from 32000

General Surgery Procedures

Hernia Repair from 8000
Removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) from 6500
Removal of the breast with lymph node dissection (mastectomy) from 7800
Removal of breast tumors from 5500
Cholecystectomy from 7800
Resection of the esophagus, stomach, colon, pancreas (with hospitalization during 2 weeks) from 22000
Removal of the left (right) half of the colon (hemicolectomy) from 15200
Removal of lung tumors (with hospitalization during 2 weeks) from 15800
Resection of the thyroid gland (hospitalization up to 3 days) from 5200

Gastrointestinal procedures

Colonoscopy from 1400
Gastroscopy, including biopsy from 1250

Oncological procedures (prices of each type of cancer)

Removal of brain tumors (hospitalization during 2 weeks) from 32000
Removal of the breast tumors (3 days hospitalization) from 14000
Hysterectomy for cervical adenocarcinoma (minimally invasive) from 14000
Open hysterectomy for cervical adenocarcinoma (hospitalization during 5 days) from 14000

Aesthetic medicine and Cosmetic Surgery procedures

Breast reconstruction (after removal), the installation of the prosthesis, the formation of skin-muscle flap from 12500


For more information and receiving prices of treatment and required procedures in private clinic Herzliya Medical Center, please, fill out the contact form and our medical consultant will contact you within the shortest possible period.

Prices for treatment in Israel compared to other countries

Israel proposes the high-level medical service at prices which on average 30 – 50% lower than in American or European clinics. There are countries which offer cheaper medical service than in Israel, for example, Turkey, Greece or other. However, it’s important to point out that these countries are still far from the level of medicine in Israeli, the USA or Europe. Due to this fact, their prices of treatment are comparatively low. The patient should decide for himself, what is more important, the cost or quality of medical services.

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