Physiotherapy during hospitalization

Physiotherapy during hospitalization

Physiotherapy deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation of movement abilities and its goal is to improve the body’s functions due to congenital, developmental, trauma-related problems, as well as due to various surgeries.

We at “Herzliya Medical Center” believe that treatment doesn’t begin and end with a surgery or a procedure, but with the service experience, maximal comfort and quality in all treatment components, from entering the hospital to going home.

A variety of surgeries, at the top of which orthopedic one, require rehabilitation afterward. Therefore, the day after the surgery, in accordance with the surgeon’s instruction and at no further cost, a physical therapist will come to your room on behalf of the hospital to explain the rehabilitation process.

The goals of rehabilitation are to help you return maximum independence, meaning maximum mobility as much as possible after the surgery, and to make sure you can shower and dress alone.
Meaning, maximum independence despite the first difficulties following the surgery.

In the first stage, you’ll receive full training on how and what exercises to do at home, how to use a walker, crutches or any other means (if necessary) and how to transition from your bed to a chair and to walk.

Afterward, and every morning during your stay at the hospital, a physical therapist will come to your room and instruct and explain the rehabilitation process, perform with you the physiotherapy exercises adjusted to the type of surgery you had, where the goal is to improve mobility and independence in walking.
Additionally, you’ll be instructed on self exercise during your stay at the hospitalization departments.

The treatment itself is performed on the hospital bed or next to it, so we recommend coming with open and wide shoes to facilitate mobility and performing exercises.

At the end of the hospitalization, you’ll receive a “physical therapist rehabilitation form” and be referred to continued care with the services given by the HMO in the community or rehabilitation frames.

It’s important to know that according to HMO regulations, you’re reserved the eligibility to receive physical therapy at home after the surgery in accordance with a referral and the surgeon’s instructions.


Should a walker be needed in the first period after the surgery, we recommend borrowing from “Yad Sarah” or “Ezer Mezion” prior to coming to the hospital.
This way, we could begin instructing and training you on how to use the walker during hospitalization.


we wish you health, healing and quick return to normal,

The physical therapy staff

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