Children's Treatment at the Hospital

The moment when the doctor explains the child needs surgery, under full or partial anesthesia, is a shocking moment even for the toughest parents among us. It’s only natural that you’ll worry, fear and have a lot of questions.

  • How to prepare your child for the surgery?
  • Does the hospital treat children differently than older patients?
  • Can you accompany your child to the surgery? to the recovery room? to the hospitalization?
  • How do you do it right and with the least emotional ‘side effects’ – for both your child and yourself?
  • is anesthesia necessary?
  • Is the hospital experienced with children’s treatment?
  • What child surgeries are performed at the hospital?

We’ve put together all the information you need, the tips that will help you deal with the process, look at this complex situation more calmly, and prepare yourself and your child in the best way for the day of the surgery.

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