Visa requirements for entering Israel

israel visa requirementsIf you’ve decided to come to Israel you should inquire whether or not you need a visa and who to contact in case you do.

Israel has a non-visa agreement with many countries, but there is still a long list of countries, whose citizens still need to apply for a visa prior to their arrival.

You can check whether or not you need a visa and who to contact in case you do on the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel website at:


Step by step guide

At the bottom of the page you will see a drop-out menu where you need to choose a continent and a country of citizenship:













After making your choice and pressing “show” you will receive your result. If under «Visa Required» it says «No», then you may enter the country for a period of up to 3 months without applying for a visa.









If, on the other hand, under «Visa Required» it says «Yes», then click on the name of the country to receive contact information of the consulate:























For further information about the process of applying for and receiving a visa to Israel for the purpose of receiving medical attention please contact us or fill in the contact form to receive a phone call from a medical consultant.


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