Patients' Testimonials

When choosing a medical facility for treatment abroad one often makes a desicion based on the testimonials of previous patients. We gladly bring to your attention written and videotaped testimonials of HMC's patients over the last several years. We hope they will assist you in making the right decision to come to Herzliya Medical Center (Israel's leading private hospital) and receive the treatment you deserve.




A Thank You Letter to the Case Manager

Dear Rina, on my departure for Benin after a good 3 week stay in Herzliya, I would like to say from my heart my sincere and special thanks to you for facilitating my stay.

You have to be really proud of your professionalism, the quality of work you also do with humanism.
I wish you a good career for the rest, you have already leading middle!

Tomorrow I go to Benin with the feeling of having a family here. I thank you with all my heart!

Armelle Korogone

Dear All,

This is our last day in Israel/Herzylia, And as we prepare to leave, this is a good moment for us to say thank you to this country that we love and its people.

Your country is absolutely beautiful and holy. Thank you to all of you (Dr. Bibi, Yifat, Diana & Alexi). You have shown us warmth, and kindness, and great hospitality.

We know we will take with us many memories that will not end when we fly back to home. We’d love to reciprocate your kindness! Thank you again for everything.

Daniel and Alemtshay/Ethiopia


Spinal Stenosis: Patient Testimonial

Reevaluation of Prostate Cancer

Mr Oji and his wife came to Herzliya Medical Center for the treatment of prostate cancer. Fortunately, following a thorough reevaluation at HMC, prostate cancer was ruled out. Further investigation concluded that he required eye surgery, which was successfully performed by Dr. Dan Burla.

patient testimonial





























Lung Cancer: Patient Testimonial

“Everything happened suddenly - sudden convulsions and loss of consciousness. Fortunately, I was near her and I immediately called an ambulance. The reason for the sudden convulsions was that metastases from a previously unknown lung cancer had spread to the brain. Dorothy was 43 years old at that time and I wanted to give her the best treatment.”

“I have to thank Professor Peled for each day of my new life,” says Dorothy. “If not for his concept of personalized medicine, I would no longer be here; I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude, what a treasure of a man. Professor Peled is in touch with me constantly, gives me good energies and directs my thoughts to positive thinking. I am familiar with all of his patients, we meet at seminars, and each of them sees him as an angel - a savior."


Spinal Surgery: Patient Testimonial

Letters from Sophia Bright to HMC's Representatives

Dear Alexei

I deeply appreciate your kind assistance during our visit to HMC. We felt pampered all the way and returned as though we had been on a hassle free vacation. Everything was smooth and easy. We were told by other quides we came across in Jerusalem that we had the best guide in Israel. He was very good and we enjoyed every bit of it.

We came home refreshed and wondering how a medical visit could become a treat.

Thanks for everything
Mrs Sophia Bright.


Dear Yuli

Thank you so much for your reception during our visit. You made it easy for us to feel that we were in the right place and to trust you and HMC. You practically took matters out of our hands, my diagnosis was demystified and all we had to do was present ourselves.

My husband and I went away with a good feeling about you, HMC and Professor Shabbat. I must confess that we felt the genuineness of your care and courtesy. You were also very kind and we appreciate all of it.

We returned totally satisfied and excited as though it was a vacation. I am doing very well though I'm still taking things easy. The pain under my feet are gone, there is no hotness in my thighs though I still feel sore when I press it. I dont feel anxious anymore.

I'm hoping for the best outcomes and still wonder at how easy it all went. Thanks to you all.

Wishing you good success in all your endeavors.
With much regards Mrs Sophia U. Bright.



A Testimonial from Cameroon

Following a hypertrophy of the thyroid diagnosed, I had the courage to come to Herzliya Medical Center.

I was particularly impressed by the warm welcome and the quality of the technical equipment available in this medical center.

The exam I went through were extremely accurate, and the explanations given by the great professors, such as Professor Louis Shenkman, gave me the feeling I was being cured even before I started the treatment.

Explanations were clear, consistent and compelling.

Finally, I have been particularly impressed by the kindness and availability of Karine Samama.

Henri, from Cameroon


Lung Cancer Diagnosis: Patient Testimonial


Prostate Cancer Biopsy: Patient Testimonial



Returning Patient Testimonial

To Whom it may Concern;

My name is Paul, I have made several trips to Herzliya Medical Center since August 2014, due to my work and for personal medical needs, each time has been nothing short of excellent when it comes to customer service, attentiveness to detail and flexibility to meet the needs of the customer/patient. Each of my appointments had unique circumstances and often short times to get the test or appointment completed-each time, we were met in the International Reception by a Case Manager and taken to the appropriate intake personnel, who spoke perfectly and truly cared about getting me taken care of as quickly and professionally as possible. I truly recommend HMC to anyone needing medical test, follow up appointments and any other medical needs. They are a private hospital that taken special care to make the patient a priority.




Bariatric Surgery Testimonial

I came to HMC from France for a weight loss surgery. I would like to point out that the staff is very attentive and professional. Dr. Hadar Spivak was great. All the language-barriers disappear thanks to the kindness and attentivness of Karine.

Testimonial Bariatric Surgery



A Patient's Testimonial

Thank you for your professionalism and personal approach to us. 
I wish you all the best, health and success in all you do.




A Letter From a Patient to His Case Manager

Dear Diana!

Thank you for the test results you've sent. All my pain is gone! Just like you said - everything is fine now. 
I look back on the days I've spent under your care with gratitude and love, and I shall never forget them.
I am now confident in the fact that there is a place where I and the people close to me can go to get medical help at the highest quality available.
I would like to thank the whole clinic personnel for the service they have given me each step of the way.





A Thank You Letter From a Couple That Visited HMC

We would like to say thank you for the personal attention and wonderful service we received at the clinic.
The doctor's professionalism was astonishing.


Best regards,
Yulia and Oleg




Jerusalem, 9 September 2014

Prof. Louis Shenkman

Herzliya Medical Center

Dear Prof. Shenkman,

As you are well aware, on August 28, 2014, I underwent aortic valve replacement surgery,

performed by Prof. Dan Aravot and Dr. Friedman.

The procedure was not an easy one and only the expertise of Prof. Aravot and Dr. Friedman

allowed a successful outcome.

On the other hand, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Diana Maor, who was a

great support with all the paperwork as well as with my family and myself during my stay at


I could not left behind the highly professional staff of the intensive Care Unit as well as of Ward

C, where I spent three days in that magnificent suite overlooking the Mediterranean. lt helped,

without any hesitation, in speeding up my recovery. ln an impressive way day by day I am

feeling healthier considering that just twelve days have elapsed since the chirurgical


I will not hesitate in recommending HMC to my friends and contacts among lsrael's Diplomatic

Corp, due to its highly professional staff and comfortable and modern installations.

Yours sincerely,





A Thank You Letter From the Embassy of Spain


I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the treatment you gave our friend from Jordan who was spending a few days with us in our house last week. He has been diagnosed at Herzliya Medical Center and will come back for further treatment.



A Letter From a Couple From Nicosia, Cyprus


After three years of IVF treatments, our son was born on the 11.2.2008, Thank you HMC for the patience and the attentive care.



A Thank You Letter From a Russian Patient From Kiev (Translated Into English)


I wish to express my satisfaction and to simply say thank you for the successful prostate surgery I had at Herzliya Center in 2013.



A Letter From a German Tourist Who Broke His Arm at the Beachfront Opposite the Hospital


Thank you for excellent service, In February, I slipped and suffered from a broken arm, which required an immediate surgical treatment. I was admitted to Herzliya Medical Center with excruciating pain and was treated first of all for the pain and then had the surgery. I want to thank Orna the nurse which escorted me from the minute I stepped into the hospital until I was released and took care of all my needs, including calling my folks in Frankfurt.



A Thank You Letter to The Orthopedic Department – Knee Replacement


I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to HMC for the amazing treatment and personal care I’ve received, especially from Maxim the nurse.  I was treated professionally and courteously, the surgeon was very dedicated and I felt ‘in good hands’.  I ask you to convey to all the staff of the Orthopedic Department, my deepest gratitude and appreciation, it’s not easy to be so dedicated to each and every patient. I wish that you continue to be blessed with such dedicated teams in the future for the benefit of all patients who visit your hospital!




Thank You Letter for Spine Surgery From Liverpool


I wanted to express my appreciation for your amazing work, you treated me with great devotion while I was hospitalized. I was very stressed before having the spinal surgery and I am so happy that I chose to do it with you!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



A Letter From Manchester, England


On 28th May 2013 I had an aortic valve replacement surgery at your hospital and I felt that I need to thank the team of the cardiac division in your hospital. The inner light, warmth and concern which I’ve experienced when I was hospitalized on Wednesday after surgery was so comforting, You laid the groundwork for me to hopefully live another thirty healthy years. I’ve returned to Manchester and my life is back to normal


Edwina Cook



An Appreciation Letter From the Secretary of Ambassador of Greece to Israel


Thank you for the excellent treatment you gave our Ambassador while he was hospitalized at HMC.

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