Kidney Cancer Treatment in Israel

Effective kidney cancer treatment in Israel is conducted by leading experts in Israel’s best private hospital "Herzliya Medical Center."

The hospital uses innovative methods, accurate diagnosis and the most advanced cancer treatment regimens for types of cancer that were previously considered untreatable. High professional level of "Herzliya Medical Center" and excellent medical equipment allow for surgical and conservative treatment of any degree of complexity, restoring hope for recovery, even in patients with metastatic cancers.

What is Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer is a malignant neoplasm, originating from the epithelial cells lining the inner surface of the tubular structural renal units - nephrons or urine collecting system elements - cups and pelvis. Tumor differs asymptomatic onset, rapid growth and the ability to metastasize to both to the lymphatic and circulatory system. The absence of specific symptoms in early disease and early metastasis explain the fact that many patients at the time of diagnosis show signs of tumor spread beyond the kidney.

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Since the kidney parenchyma (renal tissue) does not own pain receptors the onset of the disease is usually not accompanied by significant complaints. Among the main symptoms that require differential diagnosis of kidney cancer is important to note:

  • Blood in urine (hematuria) can be an early sign of kidney tumors. Prolonged bleeding can lead to anemia (anemia), accompanied by pallor of the skin and progressive weakness
  • Pain arises as a consequence of stretching renal capsule or germination of the tumor outside the kidney.
  • Increased body temperature is related to tumor intoxication or with the development of secondary infections are often associated with the neoplastic process
  • Increased blood pressure in renal cancer associated with impaired hormonal regulation

When symptoms are of suspected malignancy one needs an immediate professional examination because timely diagnosis and prognosis of kidney cancer increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer in Israel

At "Herzliya Medical Center" Private Hospital, patients are given an opportunity to go through a full range of necessary diagnostic procedures for an accurate diagnosis of the tumor. After consultation with experienced specialists a program of additional studies is determined. 

Kidney Cancer Diagnosis in Israel Includes:

  • Laboratory examination of the urine for the presence of bleeding and cancer cells
  • Biochemical blood test, and, if appropriate, hormone studies
  • A visual and radiological diagnosis of kidney injury and other internal organs (ultrasound, pyelography, CT, PET-CT, MRI)
  • Differential diagnosis of pathological processes in the bladder and ureter using modern methods of minimally invasive endoscopic examination
  • A biopsy of the tumor tissue with subsequent histological analysis allows accurate diagnosis and determines the method further treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment in Israel

An integrated approach to the treatment of kidney cancer in Israel allows to achieve positive results even in the stages of metastasis, restoring hope to patients with advanced or recurrent form of the disease. The main treatments for kidney cancer at "Herzliya Medical Center" are:

  • Radical nephrectomy - surgery to remove the affected kidney and appendages in order to completely remove the tumor
  • Sparing surgery for kidney (partial nephrectomy) for small and localized tumors. The purpose of this surgery is the complete removal of the tumor while preserving the kidney and its functions
  • Cytoreductive surgery is performed when the impossibility of complete resection of the tumor is impossible. Surgical removal of most of the tumor allows additional treatments to achieve significantly better results.
  • Minimally invasive procedures aimed at the destruction of tumor cells in the primary or metastatic foci - cryoablation (destruction of tumors using low temperatures) and radiofrequency ablation (destruction of cancer cells by using high temperatures)
  • Surgical intervention to facilitate symptoms (palliative surgery)
  • Chemotherapy is used as an additional or main method of treatment of kidney cancer in Israel. In conjunction with the operational, modern chemotherapy treatments can suppress tumor growth and spread. Specialists successfully use an innovative chemotherapy method- Targeted (target) therapy using drugs selectively, acting on the cancer cells without harming healthy tissue
  • Radiotherapy in renal cancer is used as an additional method in combination with surgery and chemotherapy

High professionalism and extensive clinical expertise at "Herzliya Medical Center" help cope with the serious illness and a rapid return to a normal lifestyle. The treatment of kidney tumor abroad at Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital is dealt with a multidisciplinary team of oncologists; patients receive the best treatment available at a reasonable cost.

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