Spinal Discs – Innovative Techniques

Orthopedic surgeons at "Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital, have begun to use a new technique of minimally invasive surgical treatment of a herniated disc and narrowing of the spinal canal.

Endoscopic methodology provides an effective and safe intervention without the need of a broad section. The method has proven itself in the world of spinal surgery and is now available to patients at HMC.

During endoscopic spinal surgery, a small incision is made in the skin through which a flexible optical instrument - an endoscope is penetrated. This Camcorder endoscope is highly sensitive and allows you to get high quality images from different angles of observation, reaching 100 times magnification.

In conjunction with an endoscope surgical manipulators have been introduced that allow to perform highly precise actions necessary to effectively carry out the procedure without causing damage to surrounding tissue.

Indisputable advantages of the innovative techniques of endoscopic spine surgery are of high precision, minimal risk of complications, lack of large surgical wound and rapid recovery.

The method allows to remove herniated discs and spinal canal narrowing fix on multiple levels during a single procedure, avoiding the need for re-intervention.

Leading oncologists at "Herzliya Medical Center"

Professor Joseph Klausner

Leading specialist in the field of surgical oncology

Dr. Handel Boris

Leading specialist in the field of thoracic oncology surgery

Professor Haim Gutman

Leading specialist in the field of surgical oncology

Professor Amy Fishman

Leading specialist in the field of gynecological oncology



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