New Techniques in Radiotherapy

Mercy Beam is a unique system of condensation of X-rays, developed by Israeli scientists. The system enables radiotherapy for patients of all ages, including infants.

Радиотерапия в ИзраилеIt all started with an accident of a paraglider. An Israeli engineer was hospitalized after a paragliding accident. Throughout his long hospitalization, he had a chance to observe e the equipment used by the doctors and was determined to improve it.

The project ended with a collaboration between a team of experts from the field of medicine and engineering.

Mercy Beam consists of a special X-ray detector and patented lens. Many cancer centers around the world have already expressed an interest in this unique development.

Better results at a lower cost

To date, radiotherapy has serious drawbacks: the equipment used during the procedure consumes a lot of energy and rays affect not only the tumor but also the surrounding healthy tissue; radiotherapy today is not suitable for children under three years of age; furthermore,  for radiotherapy a specially equipped private room is required - a precaution that not every hospital can afford. Mercy Beam offers a solution to all of these problems.

MercyBeams’ technology utilizes inexpensive low energy x-ray sources and not the expensive ones, with the specially designed lens, the rays are directed precisely where it is needed, to a one shot direction or in several directions if needed. It has little or no touching to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Mercy Beam is relatively inexpensive - it costs several times cheaper than conventional accelerators and tens of times less than other specialized equipment. Mercy Beam does not require special precautions and may be used for ordinary outpatients. It also provides a fast delivery of the needed therapeutic irradiation.

Specialists in Israeli hospitals have expressed the view that this innovative system bears less toxicity and is universally accessible to cancer therapy. The main advantage is to carry out radiation therapy to children in a pleasant environment, without the parents having to leave the room due to a massive vault environment. Low intensity rays allow doctors to offer treatment to children who could not be treated by the old radiotherapy protocol.

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