Israel Ranked High Among the Prime Resorts for Medical Travelers

A comprehensive annual report completed by the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) has ranked Israel high in the list of top destinations for medical tourism. The study involved 25 of the most popular medical hubs around the globe, rating patient satisfaction, the level of care and the quality of services. Overall Israel was the third on the podium reserved for the most attractive countries for international patients.


The flux of outbound patients has increased substantially in the past few decades: tens of thousands of medical travellers leave their homeland, mostly for the astronomical prices of quality health care, or the long waiting lists they face at home. Currently out of every four medical travellers three are U.S. citizens and figures show that more and more Americans seek cost saving solutions beyond the borders every year. The industry of medical tourism has duly responded to the demand with rising standards and ever-expanding scope of services.


Countries like Thailand, India and Brazil have been traditionally regarded as reasonable choices when it comes down to cheap operations, but in the light of the recent report Canada, the UK and Israel are up and coming competitors, which do not only list excellent quality of care and leading-edge technology, but also first-class additional amenities and countless touristic attractions. The report based the criteria on a diversity of factors and granted the elite place to the latter countries for the high number of annual medical tourist and the proliferating industry of mediating agencies and websites involved in medical tourism.


An annual inflow of approximately 50.000 medical travellers is registered by Israeli hospitals.  The country’s vibrant cultural life and agreeable geographic features, massive founding and constant research in medicine have already convinced medical travelers from Russia and Europe, but US citizens are just starting to discover Israel’s potentials. Orthopedic surgeries, in-vitro fertilization and novel cancer therapies are among the top procedures in demand, but naturally most clinics involved in medical tourism offer a full spectrum of medical services for a fraction of the US prices.


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