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Breast Health Center HMCHMC’s Breast Health Center has the most innovative breast imaging equipment available in the world today. Run by Dr. Maya Cohen, HMC’s Breast Health Center offers its patients imaging and diagnosis at the highest standard in the field.

“Many women are very stressed of the diagnosis when they arrive to be tested,” Dr. Cohen says, “we strive to welcome them with a pleasant, warm, calm and embracing atmosphere at the Breast Health Center, so they feel secure and know they are treated by people who care”.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer effecting women, and in fact is the one of the main causes for female mortality today. However, it is important to remember that the awareness for the need of early detection has helped to drastically decrease mortality rate among breast cancer patients. It is claimed that discovering the disease in its early stages can increase the chances of cure by 90%.

HMC’s Breast Health Center examines all patients, whether it’s a routine scan every two years (recommended for women in the ages of 50 to 75), a women who found a suspicious lump in one of the breasts, either by a doctor of through self-examination, or women with a history of breast cancer, who are under observation after surgery.

The Breast Health Center was founded with the goal of offering patients the highest quality of screening examinations, and we purchased two advanced screening devices to do so.

Innovative 3D Mammography Unit

A unique device, operating with the digital Tomosyntheses system, creating a three dimensional image of the breast. This device creates images while moving, thus allowing a 3D final result. It is capable of creating an extremely detailed image of the examined area, and can 'slice' the image into accurate slices, focusing on a specific part of the breast to the level of a single millimeter. This is achieved by using the DR (Digital Radiology) technology, assuring low radiation and high quality imaging. During the examination, the images are sent directly to the Doctor's work station, where they able to view the entire series of images, allowing an accurate and fast diagnosis, while comparing the new images to ones taken in previous examinations. Dr. Maya Cohen is one of the pioneers when it comes to using this method in Israel.

Advanced Ultrasound Device from Phillips

This device is used to create supplementary images to the ones received from the 3D Mammography Device, to give more information about areas that were not covered, as well as a second examination for the previous discoveries. This device is also used as a guide while performing breast biopsy. It provides a high resolution imaging and assures a comprehensive and accurate examination. HMC’s Pathological laboratory analyzes the breast tissue quickly, giving patients an all-inclusive fast diagnostic service. “HMC’s Pathology laboratory is extremely qualified,” says Dr. Maya Cohen “I can safely say that we receive a good, reliable and detailed response from our Pathologist, and it is very significant in this field”.

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