Halosperm: Genetic Analysis of Sperm

Infertility treatment - is a difficult process, especially if the cause of infertility is unknown. If you have already had several unsuccessful IVF attempts, men should consider undergoing a comprehensive sperm analysis, including the genetic analysis of sperm - Halosperm.

What is Halosperm?sperm analysis IMSI genetic abnormalities

A conventional sperm analysis (spermiogram) is an essential test in male infertility, however, its limitations are that it only takes into account the quantity, motility and morphology of spermatozoa – it excludes the genetic analysis of semen. Damaged Sperm DNA is caused by numerous mechanisms, such as high temperature, smoking and chemicals; a high percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA in the nucleus can lead to male infertility.

Halosperm test is an extended semen analysis in which the DNA of sperm is analyzed. The test reveals any possible damaged DNA in the nucleus of the sperm compared with normal sperm DNA, fragmented (damaged) DNA of sperm can affect the fertilization rate, and may lead to miscarriages. This test further facilitates fertility experts by determining the most effective assisted reproductive treatment for couples

Halosperm reveals the presence of genetic abnormalities, as well as the index of DNA fragmentation (DNA Fragmentation Index). Fertilization of sperm with damaged DNA can lead to miscarriage or fetal development with birth defects, resulting in the loss of pregnancy.

IMSI - The advanced method of fertilization

One of the methods adopted for the case of male infertility is ICSI (artificial introduction of sperm into the egg), an IVF technique. However, genetic selection of sperm for ICSI is not carried out.

Over the past few years a new treatment for male infertility has been refined - IMSI. This technique is applicable in cases where men were identified with genetic anomalies by the level of nuclear sperm DNA. The selection of sperm for IVF is done using a powerful microscope, compared to conventional microscopes it magnifies the sperm by thousands times! This technique is one of the many successful assisted reproductive techniques offered at Herzliya Medical Center (HMC).

Infertility treatment at Herzliya Medical Center

The IVF clinic at HMC is a leader in its field for the past several decades, featuring:

  • Advanced laboratory
  • High-tech equipment
  • Rich experience of the best fertility experts in Israel
  • Guidance and support at every stage

All the abovementioned and more makes Herzliya Medical Center the top choice for the treatment of infertility in Israel.

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