Diagnosis in Israel

Diagnosis in Israel

For many years, Israeli medicine has been considered as one of the highest among developed countries.

Advanced diagnostics in Israel is applied in medicine, its continual development has allowed numerous diseases to be diagnosed (including those that are difficult), with great accuracy and precision. This factor has greatly enhanced specialists’ approaches to effectively treat most diseases that were even considered incurable.

Why Choose HMC for Diagnosis

Leading private hospital in Israel, Herzliya Medical Center continually invests in state-of-the-art diagnostics, revealing unparalleled accuracy of diagnostic tests that effectively influence the Center’s success rates in treating a myriad of diseases and conditions. In addition, incorporation of high professionalism, experience and technological capabilities allow the delivery of excellent diagnoses to patients, prior to treatment in Israel.

Robust evidence indicates that treating early stage signs of disease than advanced stage disease is far more effective, with minimal complications. Therefore, superior diagnostics is prerequisite within the medical field. Today, diagnostics can pinpoint disease, even long before clinical symptoms manifest themselves, and with high probability, most pathologies can be detected by deciphering the genetic code. The development of endoscopic and minimally invasive methods of investigation further aide a timely diagnosis of all cancer types.

Despite these impressive advancements in technology, the doctor’s knowledge and his /her experience are the starting point in the diagnosis of a disease. Any examination of the patient begins with compiling the medical history of the patient and the disease, a physical examination accompanies early stage consultation.

HMC specialists received their certifications in the top universities of Israel, the U.S. and Europe, where they continue to develop and enrich their medical knowledge, through further studies, research and practical skills. Specialists then apply these skill sets, competently and professionally in diagnostics, screening and treatment.


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Advanced Diagnostic Procedures in Israel

Experts at Herzliya Medical Center have developed individual plans of medical treatment for each patient; a patient’s medical complaints and medical history, including examinations and results of previous studies are all taken into consideration. Routine and new diagnoses are undertaken, should there be some medical results missing or not considered previously.

Patients at HMC have the opportunity to undergo all modern diagnostic procedures in a single medical center, including:

  • X-ray and visual diagnostics – radiography, mammography, computed tomography (CT), including unique techniques that replace invasive procedures (coronary artery catheterization virtual and virtual colonoscopy), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Ultrasound research methods (US), endoscopic techniques, research and studies circulation (Doppler US)
  • Innovative methods of endoscopic diagnosis using fiber-optic technologies to visually assess a condition, and if necessary to obtain a sample of tissue (biopsy), without resorting to surgery – gastroscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy
  • Methods of isotope bone scan, liver, lung, kidney, thyroid and heart
  • Diagnosis of cardiovascular disease with the possibility of coronary artery catheterization, echocardiography, stress tests and modern methods of monitoring heart rate. The clinic also conducts studies of the aorta and peripheral vascular disease
  • Functional studies of the lung (spirometry), as well as endoscopic and invasive methods of diagnosis of respiratory diseases – bronchoscopy and pleural puncture
  • Gynecological diagnosis, including ultrasound, endoscopic examination of the uterus, as well as methods for early diagnosis of cervical disease
  • Diagnosis of urological disorders, including endoscopic and urodynamic studies
  • Instrumental and laboratory diagnoses of male and female infertility causes
  • Diagnosis of eye diseases, including diseases of the cornea, lens, retina and optic nerve
  • Study of the ear, nose and throat with high-precision optical instruments and endoscopic and radiologic techniques unique and functional diagnostics
  • Histological studies of drugs obtained by biopsy. Clinic specialists use modern minimally invasive biopsy techniques, such as fine needle aspiration performed under ultrasound guidance, and a biopsy obtained during endoscopy
  • Laboratory diagnosis of all parameters of blood and other body fluids, including genetic, hormonal, specific biochemical tests, as well as the level of tumor markers
    Methods of diagnostics in Israel continue to evolve to become further defined and efficient, due to the continual application in physics, chemistry, biology, optics, electronics and many other high-technological industries by renowned Israeli academics.
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