Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy

Colon cancer is one of the most common in Israel and the world today. In Israel alone, 2500 people develop it every year. Modern medicine now offers a few options for early detection of the disease, when one of the most effective is Virtual Colonoscopy. At the Herzliya medical center hospital, there’s an advanced and sophisticated imaging institute where many imaging tests are performed, like a Virtual Colonoscopy. We gathered here important information about the Virtual test so you too could know its role, how it works and why it’s so important in early detection of colon cancer.

Colon cancer: features and dangers

To understand why Virtual Colonoscopy is so important, it’s important to know a little about colon cancer: it is the most common cancer in people 50 and up, people with a family history of colon diseases, or those suffering from colon infections.

This cancer is developed from polyps and tumors created in the colon, who at first are not malignant. Those polyps will continue to develop in the colon if untreated (sometimes over 10 years), until they reach a diameter of at least 1 cm. From that point, the chance of those tumors to become malignant increases significantly.

The polyp’s slow development in the colon is also the greatest danger the disease brings with it since, throughout the process, the person might not feel anything is wrong. However, when it breaks out, the condition might be irreversible.  That’s why it’s very important to have regular monitoring of the colon. On the other end, early detection and resection of the polyps allow complete healing. This situation of early detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer is unique to this disease.

Today’s early detection methods

In general,  early detection of symptoms that might cause colon cancer is the best treatment available today. As soon as the disease bursts, it’s much harder to treat it. Modern medicine offers 3 options for early detection of cancer:

Both Colonoscopy tests are considered very effective and common today.

What’s the difference between Virtual and endoscopic Colonoscopy?

During the endoscopic Colonoscopy, a long thin pipe with a camera at the end is inserted through the anus. With this method, all parts of the colon can be examined and symptoms located. Endoscopic Colonoscopy is considered very effective because it allows, during the test, the removal and resection of tumors and polyps.

However, this is an invasive test that requires numbing and sedation and recovery of several hours. In contrast, Virtual Colonoscopy is considered “friendlier”.

Virtual Colonoscopy, physically, is, in fact, an air enema: a sort of tube coated in numbing substance is inserted into the anus.  Through the tube, the air is inserted into the colon and inflates it. In this condition, the colon is photographed with CT technology (3D imaging) allowing a perfect virtual image of the colon.

Efficacy of the Virtual test

Before Virtual Colonoscopy, similar to the invasive test, a fluid diet must be adhered to for 72 hours – including soups, regular coffee, tea, and other soft drinks – and laxatives are taken (to empty the colon of solids).

Using this virtual test, the doctor can examine the condition of the subject’s colon through a minimal invasion of his body. The patient will at most feel abdominal discomfort as a result of air entering the colon, and could return to his regular routine immediately after the imaging.

Virtual Colonoscopy lasts between 10 and 20 minutes only, and it can discover with maximum efficacy polyps the size of 1 cm and larger (those at high risk of becoming malignant) with greater success than even the endoscopic test.  The virtual test is a greater chance of finding small tumors.

If suspicious findings were found during the test, the patient will be referred to an endoscopic test, to allow the medical team to remove those findings completely. If the patient is found “clean”, he will be discharged shortly.

If you are also in one of the risk groups or simply want to have peace, coordinate today a date for Virtual Colonoscopy at the Herzliya medical center hospital. You’ll get high standard hospitalization conditions here, personal treatment by the top experts in the field, and receive the test’s result within the shortest period of time.

At the Herzliya medical center, you’ll get high standard hospitalization conditions here, personal treatment by the top experts in the field, and receive the test’s result within the shortest period of time.


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