IVF Treatment in Israel

According to statistics, around 20% of couples wishing to conceive are faced with certain obstacles that inhibit a successful pregnancy. 

Fertility Treatment is one of the most prioritized fields of medicine in Israel. Couples who are unable to conceive naturally (for over a year) are considered infertile. Infertility can affect either men or women, and in some cases both partners. A thorough assessment by a fertility expert can determine the cause of infertility. Cases where surgery or hormone treatment is ineffective, a specialist can then recommend the best suited treatment for a successful pregnancy, using assisted reproductive technology (ART).

IVF in Israel - in vitro fertilization - is one of the most effective forms of ART, thousands of patients that were treated at Herzliya Medical Center were able to fulfill their dream to become a parent.

IVF - in vitro fertilization in Israel - is a medical technique involving the retrieval of eggs and fusing them with sperm in laboratory settings. The fertilized egg - one or more – is then implanted into the woman's uterus. The targeted outcome is a healthy full-term pregnancy. Latest techniques and medical advancements have allowed cryopreservation of fertilized eggs for a few years, until the couple are ready to conceive again.

IVF in HMC -Israel

The IVF Center at Herzliya Medical Center - Private Hospital first opened its doors in 1987, offering medical treatment in Israel to both foreign and local patients. Since then, its founders utilize only the latest medical technologies to treat infertility successfully in Israel.

Why choose HMC:

  • Renowned specialists in the field of reproductive medicine.
  • Continual investment in the latest medical and laboratory equipment, in addition to the unique techniques we utilize that enhance the effectiveness of IVF.
  • Herzliya Medical Center confidently holds the leading position in IVF among other institutions in Israel.
  • 9,000 Children have been conceived since our IVF Department was established
  • Friendly, warm, understanding and professional specialists and assisting staff that offer each patient a treatment plan tailored to their needs
  • Comfortable and luxurious atmosphere throughout your IVF treatment
  • Additional supportive services, like counseling and alternative therapies to create a stress-free environment and put your mind at ease
  • Many couples from abroad choose Israel for their IVF treatment following numerous unsuccessful attempts in their home country

Herzliya Medical Center is also in cooperation with the Donor Bank in Israel. Over the years, IVF has achieved great success (45%) in procedures of artificial insemination using donor eggs. In vitro fertilization in Israel can be performed by using egg or sperm donors.

The IVF procedure has its emotional, physical, mental and financial challenges, which is why we, at HMC, guarantee to provide you with a fully supportive environment and outstanding specialists that will surpass all your needs.

If you are considering any form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) or want to learn more about your options conceiving, contact our medical experts at Herzliya Medical Center. Receive a free consultation regarding IVF treatments at HMC, Israel. The cost of IVF in Israel is considerably cheaper than other countries and with excellent success rates.

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