Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

The last decades in modern medicine have been characterized by tremendous progress, in several key areas. It is no coincidence that the average life expectancy of the western person continues to rise steadily, and it is not surprising to hear more and more breakthroughs in the treatment of various diseases or health phenomena: medical knowledge and doctors’ abilities are constantly improving, and one of the factors that contribute most to this progress is, in fact, everywhere .

This factor is technology

Technological innovation is evident in every matter today, from smartphones (smartphones) to autonomous vehicles that will soon be here. In recent years, technological innovation seems to have reached new heights, and achievements we are not fully aware of – partly because they are so revolutionary that it will take us time to digest them.

When it comes to surgical and therapeutic methods that ensure easier surgery for patients, whether it is the use of devices and medical systems that we previously could only imagine we will see and if these are tests and diagnoses whose accuracy is exceptional – most of these achievements can not be credited to the advanced technology, which, of course, could not be credited. The abilities of excellent professionals who practice medicine daily.

Herzliya Medical Center Hospital is one of Israel’s most advanced technological innovation hospitals and is in line with some of the world’s leading medical centers in this respect. Advanced hospital systems, sophisticated devices, and highly knowledgeable physicians perform a variety of advanced therapeutic methods that perfectly blend human and technology with the goal of providing the patient with the best possible response to the problem he/she is suffering from.

Robot Surgeon‘ to perform ever-more-precise invasive surgery; Imaging tests in the most advanced imaging institutes today, including CT, MRI, mammography and more; An endoscopic pill containing a tiny camera, for an intimate and near-constant review of the colon; Elaborate endoscope for gastroscopy and colonoscopy; Advanced catheterizations that replace open surgery and other medical procedures, including prostate gland catheterization and virtual cardiac catheterization; Innovative treatment of hepatitis C; And performing tiny invasive surgeries of various kinds in many medical fields.

All of these are frequently used by faculty and staff at Herzliya Medical Center Hospital, placing it at the top of the list of innovative medical centers in Israel.

Technological innovation is one of the most important engines today for the advancement of the medical world. This is a process that is at its peak, which will probably continue to grow at an impressive rate in the coming decades. We at Herzliya Medical Center make sure to keep abreast of the issue and put the field of technological innovation at the forefront of our minds all the time, to fulfill the most important goal of the hospital: to offer every patient the best answer to any medical problem.

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