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women going through facelift surgery in IsraelHerzliya Medical Center specializes in a vast array of cosmetic surgeries, including a facelift. If you wish to go through a facelift in Israel, you could while being operated by one of the leading experts in the clinic, using the most advanced equipment and technology to assure amazing results and a fast recovery. Herzliya Medical Center offers its patients the highest level of private medical care, and is a leader when it comes to using innovative methods in cosmetic surgery.

What Is a Facelift?

Facelift is a very common cosmetic surgery, preformed to rejuvenate and improve facial appearance. A facelift can diminish age-related skin blemishes and cosmetic defects. The procedure is designed to restore the original shape and proportions of the face by removing excess skin and fat. At times, a facelift procedure will be combined with a neck lift, to create an even younger appearance. Herzliya Medical Center's private cosmetic surgery department will conduct this procedure as well.

Why Go through a Facelift?

Many people feel unhappy with the way their facial features change over time. A facelift can be beneficial for people who are unhappy with the following:

  • Age-related changes such as wrinkles caused by a decrease in skin elasticity
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Skin folds around the eyelids and lower lip.
  • Sagging skin around the chin area and a double chin.
  • Weight-loss induced skin excess, sometimes as a result of a bariatric surgery.

A facelift will not provide an answer to those who wish to get rid of superficial wrinkles or pigmentation.

Preparations for a Facelift in Israel

Before undergoing a facelift surgery at HMC, in the pre-operative period, patients will go through a series of test in order to determine and evaluate their condition. These tests will include a physical checkup and a consultation with an anesthesiologist. In some cases, when a patient suffers from a chronic illness, a consultation with a relevant specialist will be conducted as well.

Modern Facelift Techniques

A facelift surgery in Israel will be conducted under local or general anesthesia, depending on the specialist’s recommendation, based on the length and volume of the surgical procedure, as well as the patient's general condition. Most procedures are performed in a day hospital, but in some cases a short-term hospitalization may be required.

The most common modern facelifts methods used in HMC are as follows:

  •  A traditional facelift procedure, done with surgical incisions in the scalp area to hide scars.
  •  A facelift with limited small cuts, to provide an efficient procedure with minimum scarring.
  •  Neck lift procedure done with an incision behind the auricle or the lower part of the face.

Each patient will undergo surgery in the method which is most suited to their condition, depending on the volume of the needed procedure and taking patient’s preferences into account. Through surgical incisions, the plastic surgeon will perform a removal of excess adipose tissue, and, if needed, redistributing it. Some excess skin may also be removed. A standard facelift procedure usually takes 2 to 4 hours, after which incision are closed with cosmetic seams to aid healing and quick tissue regeneration.

Important Things to Know about the Post-Operative Stage of a Facelift

After the surgery, the area will be bandaged, and in some cases drain tubes will be used for a short period of time to assure effective wound fluids discharge. In the first days after the surgery, patients may feel mild pain and suffer from swelling and bruising. Within 5-14 days after the surgery, patients will be examined by a specialist and stitches will be removed. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol consumption during the first two weeks, since it can cause facial blood vessels expansion and induce the risk of bleeding an increase pain.

Herzliya Medical Center private clinic employees assure a professional attended and personal service to all patients who travel to Israel for medical treatment. HMC doctors and specialists have extensive experience in cosmetic surgery, and put a big emphasis on not only providing patients with the most professional care, but also an individual humane approach.

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