Breast Reduction in Israel

Israel is proud of its health system, which also gives space to much-sought-for cosmetic surgeries.

Cosmetic surgery is performed at leading hospitals and clinics by skilled plastic surgeons who boast extensive experience in plastic surgery.

Most medical tourists come for breast reduction in Israel to Herzliya Medical Center private hospital - a leading destination for thousands who seek top quality cosmetic surgery. The hospital is located fifteen minutes from Tel-Aviv and performs all plastic and cosmetic surgeries.
Women who have very large breasts usually suffer from back pain and although breasts are considered a feminine organ, huge breasts often cause skin infections under the folds of the skin and difficulties in breathing and doing sports.

The purpose of a breast reduction operation is to remove extra fat and breast tissue and ‘design’ smaller breasts. The surgeon in the course of consultations with the patient decides which way to perform the surgery and where the incisions will be made. It can take a couple of days to recover after breast reduction, a special bandage will be placed on the breasts and will be removed after two days. Breast reduction surgery for men is also a popular medical procedure conducted at Herzliya Medical Center.

When male breasts are enlarged (gynecomastia) due to hormone levels and bothers the individual, a breast reduction is conducted by professional plastic surgeons.

Why have breast reduction at HMC

HMC conducts thousands of cosmetic surgeries among which breast reduction for women is one of the most popular procedures. Upon arrival at HMC, the patient consults with the operating surgeon to understand the expectations, the procedure, the risks and recovery period.

Patients often combine a number of surgical procedures with breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction cost at Herzliya Medical Center offers savings up to 50% including travel expenses.

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