Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

One of the most popular procedures of cosmetic surgery in Israel is breast reconstructive surgery. Breast reconstruction can be done in order to correct their shape or size, as well as to restore the natural appearance of breast in patients undergoing mastectomy (removal of the breast).

At Herzliya Medical Center private hospital, breast surgery is reconstruction performed by skilled surgeons using modern techniques.

Thanks to the high quality and unique implant surgical technique, it is possible to achieve excellent results. By all parameters women who underwent breast reconstruction in Israel, their breasts do not differ from the natural, and the effect of surgery is preserved for years to come. Women who have breast surgery reconstruction restore after the breast mastectomy or lumpectomy a (removal of the tumor in the breast). Most patients who have undergone a mastectomy due to breast cancer, prefer to perform reconstructive surgery. Breast reconstruction using implants are similar to those used for breast augmentation.

Reconstruction can be immediately performed after mastectomy , Within the same surgical procedure. However, in many cases, oncologists recommend the patient to complete a course of treatment for breast cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), and only after it to perform reconstruction. Breast reconstruction may include several stages: implantation of the prosthesis, its components, and the reconstruction of the nipple and areola. The structure of the reconstituted mammary gland and its appearance is likely to be somewhat different from natural settings, but in general contours of the body after the renovations are anatomically correct. Most patients say that breast reconstruction after mastectomy have had a positive impact on their self-esteem and significantly improved their quality of life.

Breast Reconstruction in Israel

There are several techniques of reconstructive breast surgery in Israel, based on the use of the patient's own tissues. After mastectomy, the plastic surgeon who specialized in breast reconstruction will explain you the steps for a breast reconstruction. Plastic surgeons in Israel have extensive knowledge in breast reconstruction. Types of tissue flap surgery is a surgery to rebuild a women's breast using her own skin, muscles and fat. Tissue flap surgery can be done in two ways usually from the abdominal wall which is called "pedicle flap", the flap of the tissue is moved to the chest without cutting the blood supply.

The other way is that the plastic surgeon cuts the tissue and blood vessels and then sews it to the chest area. Flap tissue surgery is named for the area of ​​the body where the tissue is taken LD Flap, uses muscles fat and skin from the upper back TRAM Flap, tissue is taken from the lower belly and is moved to the chest area. The decision on the reconstruction technique takes a plastic surgeon, considering the structural features of the patient's body, the specific implementation before mastectomy and other factors.

Why have breast reconstruction at HMC

Breast reconstruction in Israel is performed at Herzliya Medical Center private hospital by top-notch plastic surgeons who have a lot of experience in breast reconstruction. Plastic surgeons who specialize in breast reconstruction surgery in Israel are undergoing extensive training at top Universities in Israel and in the US Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital boasts one of the best Plastic Surgery Units in Israel with top-class hospitalization wards and operating rooms. Breast reconstruction costs in Israel are half of the price paid in the U.K and the US.

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