Prices of the joint diseases treatment

The orthopedic unit of "Herzliya Medical Center" provides diagnostics and treatment of all joint diseases. The clinic is the largest center for endoprosthetics and guarantees a high quality of medical care, as well as excellent conditions of hospitalization and postoperative rehabilitation. Reasonable prices for the joint diseases treatment in Israel and impressive results of prosthesis cause the high popularity of this medical field for patients around the world.

Prices of diagnosis the diseases and injuries of joints in Israel

Surgical interventions on the joints must be considered follow a thorough diagnosis of the pathological process. The orthopedists of the hospital "Herzliya Medical Center" can help to determine the indications for surgery on the affected joint or endoprosthetics. Often, after detailed examination, it is enough to carry out a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure to restore joint function. It can prevent more costly replacement surgery with the endoprosthesis. The price of the basic diagnostics procedures includes:
  • The cost of the necessary laboratory tests - the general and biochemical blood test, indicators of the inflammatory process activity, the synovial fluid test ($ 400-1000)
  • Consultation of anesthesiologist, internist and cardiologist, as well as the presence of appropriate indications (severe chronic) preoperative preparation ($ 500-3000)
  • Joint radiography ($ 200-400), ultrasound of the joints (300-400 $), CT ($ 700-1000), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ($ 1600-2000), ultrasound-guided diagnostic puncture ($ 1500)
  • Diagnostic arthroscopy - invasive examination and visualization of the joint cavity by the fiber-optic endoscope. The procedure is performed in the operating room under general or regional anesthesia ($ 3500)

Price of knee treatment in Israel

The hospital "Herzliya Medical Center" perform a joint replacement (endoprosthetics) of the knee, as well as all types of arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery aimed at restoring anatomical structures. The price of knee joint treatment by arthroscopy, including day-patient treatment is $ 8000-10000. Knee replacement usually requires a hospitalization during about 7 days. The price of knee joint surgical treatment (arthroplasty) in Israel is $ 23000-25000. The cost depends on the type of prosthesis.

Price of hip joints treatment in Israel

Like a treatment of other major joints, most of the hip problems can be solved with the help of a surgical arthroscopy. The price of minimally invasive treatment of the hip joint is within the $ 10,000. The price of surgical treatment (hip joint endoprosthetics) is about $ 250,000 - 27,000. Specialists of the clinic "Herzliya Medical Center" use the joint implants from the world’s leading producers, which guarantee trouble-free joint work over the years. The authenticity of the prosthesis has been certified.

The price of surgery for hallux valgus foot

When conservative treatment of hallux valgus has no effect, foot surgery is indicated. The procedure requires a hospitalization in the orthopedic unit. The price of surgery for Hallux Valgus in Israel is $ 9000-14000.

Price of postoperative rehabilitation in Israel

Depending on the operation type, it can be recommended for rehabilitation therapy in a hospital. The cost of the day in the general and rehabilitation ward is around $ 700-1200. Hospitalization in the individual ward and services of a personal nurse may require a separate fee. The price of outpatient rehabilitation is significantly lower and depends on the duration of treatment and individually tailored therapy program. The high efficiency of the rehabilitation treatment in Israel in the hospital "Herzliya Medical Center" ensures an immediate return to an active lifestyle.

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