Hallux Valgus Treatment

Hallux valgus (hallux valgus feet) in Israel is treated with the highest level of quality care and safety. Experts in orthopedics at Herzliya Medical Center use the latest achievements in the field of orthopedic surgery to restore full function of the foot.

What is Hallux Valgus?

Hallux Valgus (bunion, hallux abducto valgus) - a disease of the big toe (hallux), characterized by progressive deformation. Over the course of which, the anatomical axis of the foot and toes change in position. This deviation causes the big toe inclining towards the second toe, causing a number of cosmetic and functional changes, such as:

  • Protrusions (bumps) at the base of the first phalanx bone cause discomfort and pain when walking and patients are often unable to wear usual footwear
  • Progressive deformation, caused by pressure on the end of the phalanx bone and second toe, result in formation of splitting in the skin
  • Progressive change in shape of foot arch
  • Pain while walking on the foot limits functioning and increases pressure and stress on muscles of the lower limbs and back
  • The primary cause of hallux valgus is congenital flat feet, however, a number of factors, such as often wearing uncomfortable shoes or shoes with heels, enhance risk of strain and aggravation of painful symptoms.

Most frequently, patients observe the cosmetic changes associated with hallux valgus, while experiencing pain in the first and second toes while walking, as well as in the calf muscles and lower back. Severe hallux valgus may cause serious functional change to occur and significantly interfere with normal physical activity and movements.

Hallux Valgus Signs and Symptoms

Conservative treatment is possible that involves small changes in the structure of the foot, but does not always have a lasting effect. Indications for surgical procedures for hallux valgus of the big toe (phalanx bone) are:

  • Severe pain - limiting mobility and resistant to pain medications (including manifestation of side effects associated with prolonged use of analgesics and steroids)
  • Severe deformity - deviation of the big toe from main axis of the foot exceeding 20 degrees
  • Inability to bend and straighten the toe
  • Chronic and often recurring inflammation in toe joint
  • Inability to wear ordinary shoes

Treatment of Hallux Valgus

Hallux Valgus treatment at the orthopedics department, HMC in Israel makes treatment for hallux valgus in Israel available to patients to correct deformity, including:

  • Restoration of tendon and ligament apparatus of the toe. This procedure prevents further abnormal movement of the joint and stops progression of deformation, often involving the ligaments.
  • Arthrodesis (artificial ankylosis) of the first metatarsophalangeal toe joint. This procedure removes damaged tissue of articular surfaces to support fixation of finger in its natural position
  • Exostectomy - during this procedure, bone protrusion of the inner side of the foot is removed. Some exostectomy procedures are of only cosmetic nature and does not change the angle of deflection of the toe.
  • Resection of the joint. Removal of the damaged portion of metatarsophalangeal and/or interphalangeal joint. This procedure is recommended for those who have recurrent hallux valgus and previously undergone corrective surgery
  • Osteotomy (cutting bone by adding or removing) performed in cases of severe deformation and often combined with an exostectomy and reconstruction of the ligamentous apparatus. During this procedure, repositioning of deformed bones is carried out with further internal fixation and casting

At HMC in Israel, experts perform endoscopic procedures to restore normal structure of the foot, without the need for open surgery. Surgeons use flexible optical fiber or fluoroscopy. Modern surgical techniques allow for closed method procedures, by way of removing damaged bone structures and performing internal fixation, which eliminates the need for large incision.

At Herzliya Medical Center in Israel, Israeli doctors with extensive experience in treatment of diseases of foot deformation work with a multidisciplinary team to provide care to patients through complete post-operative rehabilitation. The utmost professionalism and unlimited technological possibilities of Israel’s most advanced private clinic, minimizes postoperative complications.

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