Gonarthrosis Treatment in Israel

Gonarthrosis treatment in israelHerzliya Medical Center – Israel’s leading private hospital, offers effective treatment of gonarthrosis to patients from all across the world. The hospital’s specialists implement innovative techniques of diagnostics and treatment of joint diseases. Thanks to unrivaled level of expertise and unlimited technological capabilities, HMC gained the reputation of being the best hospital performing orthopedic surgeries in Israel.

What Is Gonarthrosis?

Osteoarthrosis of the knee, known as gonarthrosis, is a degenerative damage of the cartilage tissue covering bone surfaces. The cartilage layer has the important role of preventing friction and assuring smooth motion of the joint. Disruption of its integrity inevitably leads to chronic irreversible processes, decreasing the mobility of the joint and causing excruciating pains. Gonarthrosis is the main reason for surgical replacement of the knee joint.

What Causes the Development of Gonarthrosis?

Establishing the reasons that have caused the damage of intra-articular cartilage influences the subsequent treatment strategy. Among the main reasons of gonarthrosis the most common are the following:

  • Age-related deterioration of the knee joint.
  • Aftermath of physical exertion or trauma (gonarthrosis that develops at a young age is often caused due to a professional sports disease).
  • Excess body weight, and as a result, constant strain on the knees.
  • Acute and chronic inflammatory processes of the knee joint.
  • Congenital or acquired foot deformation, which leads to improper distribution of weight load on the joint

Gonarthrosis Symptoms

The main symptom that causes patients to seek medical help is the pain, which develops during physical exercise, lifting heavy loads or going up or down the stairs. The pain progresses, and in severe cases even accompanies patients during rest. The mobility of the joint reduces significantly. During movement, there is a characteristic crunch. A secondary inflammatory process leads to knee swelling. HMC specialists recommend promptly seeking medical help before the damage become irreversible and require surgical treatment or total knee joint replacement.

Gonarthrosis Diagnosis in Israel

The diagnosis of osteoarthrosis of the knee is based on a characteristic clinical picture and medical history data. During the examination, an orthopedic specialist determines the range of motion in the joint. An X-ray examination is also necessary, as it allows to diagnose characteristic changes in the joint (deformation and narrowing of the joint space, presence of osteophytes, and thickening of the articular surfaces). MRI and endoscopic arthroscopy are used for a differential diagnosis.

Innovative Gonarthrosis Treatment

The advanced state of the orthopedic field in Israel makes it possible to treat indications of gonarthrosis effectively in both light and severe forms. HMC orthopedic specialists successfully apply a wide range of modern techniques, among which the most notable are:

  • Physiotherapy to restore the mobility of the joint and reduce the pain.
  • Analgesic treatment.
  • Topical and systematic application of anti-inflammatory medications, effective in acute stages of the disease.
  • Load distribution correction on the joints, in cases of foot or shin deformities.
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment (arthroscopy). This modern endoscopic technique can eliminate the development of cartilage deteraration by removing the damaged areas and pathological bone formation (osteophytes), as well as strengthening the ligamentous apparatus.
  • Knee joint replacement surgery, in case conservative and minimally invasive treatments have failed.

The personalized approach of the specialists at HMC in treating knee joint diseases guarantees high quality medical service and excellent clinical results.

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