Foot and Ankle Surgery

Surgery of the foot and ankle is one of the main specialization areas of the orthopedic department at leading Israeli private hospital "Herzliya Medical Center." The clinic performed all types of operations and assist in the rehabilitation of patients after treatment. Podiatrists "Herzliya Medical Center" hospitals also have extensive experience in the recovery of foot functions after the failed treatment in the past.

What is the foot and ankle surgery?

The human foot is a complex anatomical structure that allows to maintain balance and ensures high mobility while moving. Any irregularities in the coordinated work of the joints and ligaments can lead to severe functional impairment, resulting in pain, and in some cases, it can cause a disability. Indications for surgery on the foot and ankle are congenital and acquired diseases in which the conservative treatment was not efficient. Surgery of the foot and ankle includes a series of open, endoscopic and microsurgical procedures (eg, arthroscopy of the ankle), and requires highly professional experts during both surgery and postoperative period.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle Arthroscopy is a modern minimally invasive endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of intra-articular lesions. The method is particularly effective in identifying the cartilage defects due to injury or degenerative processes. Ankle arthroscopy is performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Visual examination can accurately diagnose the type of damage, and in some cases eliminate the defect immediately during the procedure. If the pathological process cannot be eliminated by endoscopic surgery, orthopedists of the clinic consider indications for open surgery.

Treatment of ankle osteoarthritis at the hospital "Herzliya Medical Center"

Orthopaedists of Medical Center use modern methods of treatment the ankle osteoarthritis. They include:

  • Arthrodesis of the ankle joint. Pain caused by osteoarthritis of the ankle joint, and post-traumatic changes can be successfully treated by rigid fixation of bone through the internal connection.
  • Complete replacement of the ankle joint. This operation is an alternative to bone fixation, and it is indicated in patients with high physical activity. Ankle Replacement not only eliminates the pain during the walking but also completely saves its physiological mobility.

Tendon Repair Surgery in the hospital "Herzliya Medical Center"

The tendons of the ankle ensure its stability and the ability to withstand enormous loads that occur during walking, running and carrying heavy weights. For example, the Achilles' tendon is the major tendon of the human body, however, some processes can lead to its partial or complete rupture. Trauma, age, degenerative and inflammatory changes lay at the root of tendon disorders and violation of their integrity. At the clinic "Herzliya Medical Center", orthopedists carry out the unique operations aimed to eliminate the defects of Achilles (heel), tibial and peroneal tendons. Orthopaedists of Herzliya Medical Center also perform the microsurgical interventions on ligaments of front and back of the foot.

Operations on ankle and foot bones fractures

Cracks and some fracture types of ankle and foot bones are susceptible to conservative treatment using external fixation method. Hazards include intra-articular fractures and injuries, complicated by the bone fragments displacement. The non-precise repositioning in these cases leads to post-traumatic joints dysfunction and secondary changes of tendons and ligaments. The need for a surgical procedure and internal fixation is determined by the orthopedists of "Herzliya Medical Center,"and based on the results of high-precision imaging methods (X-ray, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonic examination of the joints, as well as isotope bone scan).

Operations on the foot deformations

Orthopaedists perform all kinds of surgical treatment the chronic deforming foot disease, including:

  • Hammertoe. It is a change in the interphalangeal joints of the toes. In addition to the expressed cosmetic defect, it can be complicated by a significant discomfort and pain during walking. Surgical treatment proposed by the hospital specialists can successfully solve this problem.
  • Valgus deformity of the foot - the lateral deviation of the big toe. Surgical treatment of hallux valgus in the hospital "Herzliya Medical Center" will help to fully restore the physiological form of the foot
  • The deformation of the foot arch. In some cases (usually after previous trauma), there is a need for the surgical correction of the arch, successfully implemented by leading podiatrists of Israel.
  • Clubfoot - congenital foot deformity characterized by an inner rotation. The cause of clubfoot is the underdevelopment of some tendon group. Timely surgery can get rid of the heavy external and functional defect, prevent the development of secondary changes in the lower limb musculoskeletal.
  • Post-traumatic changes - foot deformity caused by improper connection of bones after previously endured fractures and badly performed operations.

Rehabilitation after the foot and ankle surgery

At the heart of the complex treatment of the foot and ankle trauma and deformity, there is not only timely surgical procedure. The important part of treatment is postoperative rehabilitation process, aimed to effectively eliminate pain and restore range of motion as possible. Experienced physiotherapists of Herzliya Medical Center help patients quickly get back on their feet, as well as provide detailed recommendations on further treatment and prevention of secondary changes. The staff of the clinic guarantees the personal approach and friendly relation throughout the treatment period in Israel and subsequent outpatient follow-up.

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