Dr. Ben-Galim Peleg

Dr. Ben-Galim Peleg


  • Orthopedics, Spinal surgery

Clinical History

  • 2006-2010 - worked in leading orthopedic departments in several hospitals, Houston, Texas
  • Previously chief resident at the orthopedic surgery department at Ichilov Medical Center
  • Currently chief of spinal surgery at Kaplan Medical Center
  • Spinal surgeon and a consulting physician regarding spinal diseases


  • 1994 - MD, Hebrew Unversity, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2004 - finished residency in orthopedic surgery, certified
  • 2005-2006 - spinal surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA


  • North American Spine Society (NASS)
  • Israeli Orthopedic Association
  • Israeli Spinal Surgery Association

Academic Experience

  • 2006-2010 - assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine

Publications and Articles

  • Author of multiple scientific publications on orthopedics and spine surgery

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