Orthopedic Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

Infantile cerebral palsy (CP) orthopedic surgeries are held in the Orthopedic Department of the private medical clinic, Herzliya Medical Center in Israel. The country’s leading orthopedic surgeons apply their vast experience and the latest surgical techniques, which allow the best possible rehabilitation aimed at restoring motor function and preventing complications.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy includes a number of diseases characterized by severe disordered of motor function as a result of central nervous system damage. The causes of CP are congenital brain defects and postnatal injuries. High risk of CP developing is observed in children born prematurely and those exposed to intrauterine infections. The disease can develop due to acute or chronic oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) both during pregnancy (in case of placental circulation disorder or mother’s illness), and during delivery (prolonged labor, cord entanglement, fetal asphyxia). Infantile cerebral palsy occurs with the development of increased muscle spasticity and secondary changes associated with it that do not affect higher cognitive functions.

CP Complications

Skeletal muscle rigidity (hypersthenia) prevents normal contraction and limits motor function. Physiological limb movements are based on synchronization of antagonistic muscles. For example, the bending of a joint occurs after a simultaneous contraction of flexor muscles and enervation of extensor muscles. Hypersthenia in one of the groups prevents voluntary movement inside of the joint. Long-lasting excessive muscle tightness can cause excruciating pain, progressing with the development of the disease. Disordered motor function leads to a decrease in range of motion in the joints, which eventually lose their mobility. This condition is called contractures. Infantile cerebral palsy contractures are a serious complication of the disease, which prevents a successful rehabilitation of thr patient.

CP Surgery in Herzliya Medical Center

CP surgery is performed in case of limbs and spine deformations, asymmetric growth, decrease in the range of motion in the joints, joints dislocations, the impossibility of voluntary movements caused by desynchronization of antagonist muscles tone, florid pain syndrome, and ineffectiveness of medical control. Among the main types of CP orthopedic surgeries conducted by specialist of the Orthopedic Department of Herzliya Medical Center, it is important to note the following:

  • Surgeries that relieve muscular spasticity. These procedures lead to decreasing of contractile function of separate muscles. Surgeries that relieve CP spasticity allow to restore the normal ratio in force of antagonist muscles contractions, facilitate the implementation of voluntary movements, and reduce pain
  • Surgical treatment of contractures. Operations that aim to reduce the effects of prolonged motor function disorders, which cause irreversible intra-articular change. CP contractures that result from dislocation of joints are also treated through surgery.

HMC’s orthopedic surgeons conduct all kinds of innovative CP surgeries, but most the most commonly used procedures are:

  • Partial exemption of the adductor muscle of the hip. This surgery allows a child to sit comfortably and enables walking. The procedure may also be appointed at a young age in case of a high risk of hip dislocation development due to increased muscle tone.
  • Partial exemption of muscles and tendons of the back of the thigh (hamstring). The surgery allows the mobility of the knee join, preventing the development of its contracture and enables walking.
  • Achilles tendon surgery. The procedure is performed in case of the elevated shin muscles tone and the inability to walk with a straight foot.
  • Surgical treatment of neck stiffness. Besides functional impairment an increased tone of neck muscles also shows itself as a severe pain syndrome that is often the main reason for this procedure.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation for CP Surgery

Effective treatment of CP is not limited to surgical procedures. An experienced team of physiotherapists of Herzliya Medical Center hospital helps to restore motor function using a unique range of procedures and state-of-the-art equipment. We pay specific attention to prevention and treatment of pain syndrome, that effect many CP patients. HMC’s doctors work out an individual program of intensive rehabilitation for patients of all ages. Patients that have undergone orthopedic CP surgery in Herzliya Medical Center are given an opportunity to stay under clinic specialists’ supervision, and receive professional help in case further procedures are needed.

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