Coxarthrosis Treatment in Israel

Coxarthrosis Treatment in IsraelThe specialists of the Department of Orthopedics at Herzliya Medical Center perform modern and effective treatment of  coxarthrosis in Israel. The private hospital is one of the top centers of orthopedics in Israel and provides its patients with unrivaled quality of medical services. The combination of the high expertise of HMC's specialists, modern equipment and the best hospitalization conditions in the country assure a timely diagnosis and effective treatment of hip joint arthrosis.

Anatomical and Physiological Features of the Hip Joints

The hip joints connect the upper human body to the lower limbs. The attributes of the anatomical structure of the joint provide it with high mobility and resistance to everyday strain. The articular surfaces formed by the acetabulum of the pelvic bone and the head of the hipbone, covered with hyaline cartilage that provides smooth motion and prevents bone friction. The powerful ligamentous and muscular apparatuses of the hip joint provide stability and prevent pathological movements. The presence of large anatomic structures requires abundant blood supply and innervation of the joint capsule.

What Is Coxarthrosis and What Causes It?

Coxarthrosis (hip joint arthrosis) is a chronic illness characterized by degeneration of the articular cartilage. Thinning out of the cartilage layer and disruption of its integrity leads to friction of the joint surfaces of both bones against one another. As a result, the hip joint develops a secondary inflammation process called hip joint arthrosis. This process causes progressive pains and limits the mobility of the damaged joint. The main causes of coxarthrosis are:

  • Degenerative age-related changes
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Traumatic joint injury
  • Acute or chronic inflammatory processes, including those of infectious nature
  • Circulatory disorders of the hip

Depending on what caused the changes in the cartilage, hip joint arthrosis may be two-sided or affect only one of the joints.

Coxarthrosis Symptoms

The main sign of developing coxarthrosis is progressive pain. At the beginning of the illness, the pains are only experienced during significant physical exertion or while carrying a heavy load. As the illness processes, pain also starts to appear when the patient is at rest and does not subside even after prolonged rest. Painfulness significantly reduces the amplitude of movement in the joint. Prolonged physiological restraint leads to the development of irreversible anatomic changes. Chronic and progressive course of the illness has a negative influence on the quality of life and reduces work capacity, up to the development of disability. Orthopedists at HMC stress the importance of timely seeking medical help, which significantly increases the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgical procedures aimed at preserving the joint.

Diagnostics of coxarthrosis in Israel

HMC offers its patients cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and innovtive medical treatment in Israel. The diagnosis of coxarthrosis is based on the results of a comprehensive examination, which includes:

  • A careful study of the history of development of coxarthrosis and determining the risk factors with each patient.
  • Objective examination of the range of motion of the joint.
  • Additional instrumental diagnostic techniques, such as ultrasound examination of the joint, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Laboratory examinations to determine signs of inflammation.
  • Diagnostic arthroscopy of the hip joint, which helps to determine the extent of damage to the articular surfaces and ligament apparatus.

Coxarthrosis Treatment

Medication-based treatment of coxarthrosis can assist with minimizing the pain, but will not eliminate the causes of the illness, and cannot recover the damaged caused to the joint. The majority of the damaged cartilage layer and ligamentous apparatus of the hip joint can be treated through minimally invasive surgery. The surgery can prevent further development of coxarthrosis and relieve the patient from its painful symptoms. Specialists at HMC successfully perform corrective arthroscopic minimally invasive surgeries using a flexible fiber-optic device (arthroscope). Endoscopic surgery on the hip joint is a safe and effective method of treating coxarthrosis, one that does not require a large surgical incision or a long period of postoperative rehabilitation. In the course of endoscopic treatment of hip joint arthrosis, the damaged and strangulated portion of the articular surfaces of cartilage is removed and the functionality of the joint is restored.

Seeking medical help at the first signs of coxarthrosis allows a minimally invasive treatment and prevents the necessity of hip replacement. The individual approach to the orthopedic treatment of coxarthrosis at HMC's is the key to early recovery, mobility and performance of each patient.

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