Treatment of Thoracic Deformities in Israel

Treatment of funnel and pigeon chest deformity in Israel at HMC, is conducted by the specialist Professor Naftali Freud. With extensive clinical experience and innovative methods, Professor Naftali Freud achieves excellent results in the treatment of congenital and acquired deformities of the bones, in particular, violations of the structure of the thorax. The highest professional and technological level of "Herzliya Medical Center" allows operations of any complexity to patients of all age groups, ensuring a superior quality of health care and minimal risk of complications.

Congenital malformations of the anatomical structure of the chest bones is usually caused by the impaired development of the bone and muscle tissue. The cause of the pathological form of the sternum (the bone that forms the front part of the skeletal structure of the chest) is underdeveloped or lacks certain muscle or skeletal structures. Some types of violations of the structure are diagnosed in the early neonatal period, and others as the child grows. Most often there are funnel shaped and keeled chest wall deformities, which, in addition to a serious cosmetic defect, may adversely affect the function of the internal organs.

Treatment of funnel-shaped chest deformation in Israel

The funnel-shaped form of the deformation of the chest occurs much more frequently. The funnel-shaped cavity located in the sternum can be detected in early infancy or childhood, and also occurs in the period of intensive growth during adolescence in the form of isolated symmetric and asymmetric shape of the funnel. Severe forms of the disease may lead to a breach of the anatomical location of the internal organs and complications can range from heart to lung disease.

The surgical treatment of funnel chest in Israel is carried out as a classic open method, and with the use of the minimally invasive techniques as well. Professor Naftali Freud recommends the minimally invasive surgery technique at the age of 14-18 years. The operation consists of the implantation of a retrosternal retainer made of a neutral metal that prevents deformation. The metal plate is removed after a few years, at the end of the process of ossification. The removal of the implant is performed as a minimally invasive technique.

The minimally invasive operation has a number of advantages in comparison with a classical surgery aimed at correcting the deformation of the sternum. The minimally invasive method procedure does not require a wide surgical incision and is less traumatic for the patient, it is easier to conduct and does not require a long recovery period. An additional important advantage is the lack of a large postoperative scar. An integrated approach to the treatment of the funnel chest at "Herzliya Medical Center" ensures a speedy rehabilitation and a return to a normal lifestyle.

Treatment of keeled forms chest deformation in Israel

In contrast to the funnel-shaped, keeled form of chest wall deformity (pigeon chest) is characterized by a protrusion of the sternum, where the brisket is significantly protruding. As it was the case with the previous form of the deformation, the shape may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Professor Naftali Freud may recommend conservative (with external fixator, a pressure on the deformed bone) or a surgical treatment. The choice depends on the severity of the deformation, the age of the patient and concomitant functional disorders of internal organs.

Timely treatment in "Herzliya Medical Center" in the Orthopedic Department will prevent the progression of the disease and ensures effective treatment at any stage.



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