Spinal Cord Cancer Treatment in Israel

Spinal cord cancer treatment in Israel is carried out with the use of innovative therapies. In Israel's leading private clinic "Herzliya Medical Center" the doctors test pathological formations using methods of medical visualization. 
Spinal tumors are abnormal growths that develop in the spinal cord and cause back pain. Back pain is the leading symptom of cancer of the spinal cord and benign tumors are also characterized by a number of other medical conditions. Whatever the origin of the tumor is, its presence may provoke the development of neurological symptoms, pain, and paralysis, endanger life and even lead to disability.

Symptoms of spinal cord tumor

The location, size and type of the tumor determine the symptoms of the disease. A proliferating tumor affects the spinal cord, nerves, vessels, vertebrae, by putting pressure on them. 
Spinal cord tumor symptoms may include:

  • spinal pain, which often spreads to other areas of the body
  • muscular weakness
  • loss of sensation in the upper and lower extremities
  • difficulty in movement and in walking
  • decrease in susceptibility to pain, hot and cold
  • appearance of reflex defecation and urination
  • spinal disorders
  • development of paralysis that occurs in various regions of the body depending on the location and size of the tumor.

The presence of back pain is typical for non-cancerous and cancerous tumors of the spinal cord, it can also occur in the lower and upper extremities. The appearance of back pain should alert everyone as it is one of the symptoms of spinal cord tumor. 
You should consult a doctor if you feel ongoing and gradually increasing pain not related to physical activity, escalating at night, and if in your family history spinal cancer cases are present. 
When experiencing paresthesia in the lower limbs and increasing muscle weakness, occurrence of incontinence of urine and feces you should immediately seek medical help.


Diagnosis of spinal cord cancer in Israel

If a spinal tumor is suspected in a patient, a series of studies are prescribed:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging. This procedure is necessary to obtain images of the spine, spinal cord, nerves, to reveal the tumor. To improve visualization of tumors a colorant is used.
  • Computed tomography. This test allows you to get an accurate picture of the spine.
  • Myelogram performed using contrast, a special drug that is injected into the spine. Used to detect a pinched nerve.
  • Biopsy in the diagnosis of cancer of the spinal cord in Israel plays a decisive role, it allows you to set whether the formation is non-pathological or malignant on the basis of studies of the tissue sample under a microscope.

Spinal cord cancer treatment in Israel

The goal of the therapy of spinal tumors - radical removal of the tumor. To achieve it is difficult because there is a possibility of irreversible violation of the integrity of the surrounding nerves. When choosing a method of treatment; age, state of health of the patient, the type and size of the tumor is taken into account. 
Cancer Treatment of spinal cord in Israel includes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Spinal cord tumor surgery

This method of treatment is the most effective for cancer of the spinal cord. Modern methods of neurosurgery allow the removal of tumors that were considered inoperable before. Microscopes used in the operation of high optical performance, allow the surgeon to distinguish between tumor and healthy tissue. It is possible during the operation to test the nerves by means of electrodes, preventing their violation. In spite of the progressive methods of treatment, some tumors cannot be removed completely. 
After a complete resection of the tumor, a follow up chemotherapy or radiotherapy is administered.


Chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer of the spinal cord is used as an additional method of therapy, often in conjunction with radiotherapy. 
Excellent healthcare is provided to cancer patients at "Herzliya Medical Center" private clinic, which deals with complex neurosurgical operations on the spinal cord.

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