Radiation Therapy in Israel

Radiation Therapy (radiotherapy) in Israel is carried out by the best oncologists and radiologists at "Herzliya Medical Center", the leading private hospital in Israel.

The development of modern oncology treatments in Israel significantly changed the outlook of many considered intractable malignant diseases.

An important credit goes to the innovative techniques of radiation therapy used successfully at "Herzliya Medical Center."

The Principles of Radiation Therapy - What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is one of the cancer treatments using ionizing radiation. Radioactivity alters cell structure at the molecular level and can cause significant damage and the ability to deprive the cell growth and reproduction. In some cases it can lead to its complete destruction.

By ionizing radiation are particularly sensitive cells which are characterized by high levels of metabolism, which include cell malignancies. Radiotherapy damages DNA cancerous cells although healthy tissue cells which are damaged as well by radiation can repair the DNA damage.

Application of Radiation Therapy in Israel

Oncologists know the sensitivity of different types of malignant tumors to ionizing radiation.

After a complete tumor histology, experts at Herzliya Medical Center determine the effectiveness of radiotherapy and the methodology applied in the following main indications:

  • Treatment of primary foci of cancer. An irradiation technique is used in primary foci particularly sensitive to radiation tumors, as well as the impossibility of a surgical removal of the tumor. Modern technology irradiation of the primary focus (gamma knife radiosurgery) allow a radical removal of the tumor in remote areas which are not as effective as surgical methods
  • Neoadjuvant Radiation Therapy – preoperative radiation to reduce tumor size and facilitate its surgical removal
  • Irradiation during surgery - to minimize the presence of viable tumor cells in surgical borders
  • Adjuvant Radiation Therapy - radiation in the postoperative period to kill cancer cells in the operation and to prevent relapse
  • Irradiation of inoperable and multiple metastatic foci
  • Palliative Radiation Therapy - radiation in advanced stages of the disease to reduce symptoms and complications

Irradiation in Israel is used as a primary and independent method of treating cancer or in combination with other methods, such as traditional and minimally invasive surgery, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy, biological and hormonal treatment.



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