NanoKnife IRE

In "Herzliya Medical Center" the leading private hospital in Israel, minimally invasive innovative techniques for the surgical treatment of cancer are conducted, to cope with metastatic and recurrent cancers more effectively.

The unique technology of NanoKnife (IRE), exemplifies excellent clinical results with minimal side effects.

"NanoKnife" Technology

NanoKnife IRE irreversible electroporation is a high-tech technique which accurately destroys the cells of malignant tumors without causing significant harm to the surrounding healthy tissues. The method is based on the use of short pulses of high voltage accurately focused to 3000 volts. The effects of electric current lead to the irreversible perforation of the cell membrane and consequently to the complete destruction of the malignant cells. The high voltage selectively affects the cell structure without causing changes in the intercellular space, which allows to selectively disrupt abnormal volume processes.

NanoKnife procedures at HMC are conducted by Dr. Arie Ariche, a leading Hepatobilliar surgeon and head of the Hepatobilliar Surgery Department at an Israeli public hospital . Dr.Ariche was one the first doctors in Israel to perform the NanoKnife suregery.



Indications for the Use of Irreversible Electroporation

NanoKnife is used in the treatment of primary and secondary (metastatic) malignant processes in the liver and the pancreas. The effective treatment of these cancers is dependent on the possibility of a complete resection of the tumor. The particular anatomical structure causes the proliferation of malignant cells in the thickness of the parenchyma, and the abundance of large blood vessels often result in the unfeasibility to perform a surgical removal of the pathological process. An integrated approach to the use of a surgical removal and NanoKnife allows for a radical treatment of previously considered inoperable stages of cancer. The technology of irreversible electroporation can securely destroy cancerous cells in the immediate vicinity of the blood vessels and in vital anatomical structures without the risk of damage and no side effects.

How Is Treatment Conducted with IRE?

The application of NanoKnife can be conducted as a possible self-treatment for inoperable cancers, or in combination with surgery (partial removal of an organ), minimally invasive (high-frequency ablation) and conservative (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) methods of anticancer therapy. For the purpose of the procedure, patients are kept under ultrasound guidance of between 3 to 6 electrodes. The ultrasound scan is performed during treatment and allows you to control the exact location of the electrodes, ensuring the safety of the manipulation. During IRE, patients are connected to the monitor to control their cardiac activity in order to diagnose the effect of electric pulses on the activity of the cardiac conduction system.

Forecast and Perspectives Of "NanoKnife" Technology

To date, a team of surgeons at Herzliya Medical Center have acquired extensive experience in the application of irreversible electroporation for the treatment of cancer of the liver and the pancreas.

NanoKnife greatly increases the survival rate of patients with metastatic malignancies.

In the near future, this technology will also be used for endoscopic minimally invasive procedures that allow for the manipulation with a minimum risk of damage to healthy tissue. In the near future the use of irreversible electroporation with computerized navigation systems along with a computer and magnetic resonance imaging, will allow to migrate to tumors error-free located in the depths of complex anatomical structures. The high efficiency and the safety of the method allows us to consider the possibility of irreversible electroporation technology for the treatment of malignancies for other parenchymal organs such as the lungs, kidney, spleen, ovary and prostate.

The Benefits of NanoKnife IRE

  • The treatment does not require a long stay at the hospital, usually an overnight
  • General anesthesia is applied, hardly any side effects
  • Inoperable tumors can be treated
  • The procedure can be repeated if new tumors appear

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