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Israel's leading private hospital "Herzliya Medical Center" introduces innovative methods of treatment of cancer. Intraoperative radiotherapy Intrabeam is a revolutionary technology to significantly improve the prognosis of a complete recovery and survival of patients. The use of intraoperative radiotherapy Intrabeam (IORT) at HMC has been made ​​possible thanks to the excellent professional training and continuing cooperation with the world's leading cancer research institutes.

How does Intrabeam work?

Intrabeam (intraoperative radiotherapy system IORT) is an innovative mobile technique, which allow doctors to carry out a concentrated and precisely focused radiation in the surgical field. The system is mobile and can be placed freely in the operating room where the surgery is performed to remove the tumor. Irradiation is carried out using a sterile fine probe, which is inserted directly into the surgical field. There is a possibility for an intracavitary administration in the parenchymal organs and soft tissues. This technology can effectively kill cancer cells remaining after the complete or partial removal of the tumor, greatly reducing the likelihood of cancer recurrence in the primary lesion.

It is important to note the advantages of intraoperative irradiation in comparison with classical techniques of radiotherapy :

External irradiation in addition to effects on cancer cells has a detrimental effect on healthy tissue. Radiotherapy applied immediately after surgery can slow the healing of wounds and can cause numerous postoperative complications. It is recommended to start external radiation one month after the surgical procedure. By that time, the risk of resumption of the malignant process increases. Intrabeam is directly applied during surgery and destroys any remaining cancer cells immediately after the removal of the primary tumor mass.
Intraoperative radiotherapy technique has a maximum precision, acting directly on the surgical area boundaries and minimizes the negative effects of radiation on healthy tissue
To achieve the effect of radiotherapy it is necessary to apply a certain dose of ionizing radiation which is distributed to all exposed tissues. The dosage of external irradiation is significantly more than the required amount of radiation used during intraoperative radiotherapy, therefore, the use of intrabeam technology reduces radiation dose, reducing the likelihood of systemic side effects of radiation therapy.


Indications for the use of intraoperative radiotherapy techniques in Israel


The main indication for the use of innovative methods of IORT is the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Specialists of "Herzliya Medical Center"   widely practice operations that allow to remove the tumor while preserving the anatomical structure of the breast. The use of intraoperative radiotherapy reduces the risk of an incomplete removal of the tumor, allowing you to expand the indication for a partial mastectomy. In addition to the treatment of breast cancer the Intrabeam system has proved to be highly effective in malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, spine and skin.


How is Intrabeam intraoperative radiotherapy conducted at "Herzliya Medical Center"?


The team of surgeons operate on the patient to remove the malignant tumor and then enter the radio-emitting probe directly into the site of the tumor removal. The duration of the procedure is usually 20-30 minutes. At the end of the irradiation the tube is removed and the wound is sutured. As patients are under general anesthesia, this procedure is not associated to any inconvenience. It is important to note that the postoperative period does not differ from a normal operation and does not imply the risk of further complications.


Compatibility of intraoperative radiotherapy with other cancer treatments


Specialists at Herzliya Medical Center take into account all the factors affecting the growth of the tumor and develop an individual program of comprehensive treatment. The technique of intraoperative radiotherapy Intrabeam is compatible with the application of chemotherapy and targeted therapies. In addition, there is a possibility of additional courses of external irradiation with appropriate evidence. Importantly, the radiation received by patients during operation substantially reduces the dosage of subsequent courses, which also contributes to the reduction of local and systemic side effects.
The staff of "Herzliya Medical Center" is constantly improving techniques and protocols for the treatment of cancer, based on the latest discoveries and developments in the field of oncology. Its specialists provide individual attention and optimal health solutions for each patient.


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