Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment in Israel

Treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel is practiced in one of the largest private hospitals in Israel, Herzliya Medical Center.

The leading experts of Israel who work at HMC adopt the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of this disease. For many years, Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital has been an example of the unsurpassed quality of care due to the high professional level of physicians, modern equipment, comfortable conditions of admission and hospitalization.

Hodgkin's lymphoma

Hodgkin's lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease) is a cancer of the lymphoid tissue in which the cancer cells infiltrate atypical glands, causing them significant increase and lead to multiple lesions of the internal organs such as the spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys. In advanced stages of the disease there is a bone marrow involvement with dysfunction of hematopoiesis. Hodgkin lymphoma is accompanied by a significant decrease in immunity and susceptibility to recurrent severe infectious complications, which are often life-threatening. Timely diagnosis and professional approach in the treatment of this type of lymphoma makes it possible to achieve a full recovery or stable remission.

Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms

The disease most often develops on the background of good health and the absence of any complaints. Mild and non-permanent signs of the disease may hinder early diagnosis. The main symptoms of Hodgkin's lymphoma which causes the patient to seek medical attention are:

  • Painless swelling of subcutaneous lymph nodes in the neck, armpits or groin
  • Cough and shortness of breath
  • Progressive fatigue and weakness
  • Periodic hyperthermia, often accompanied by chills
  • Night sweats
  • Decreased appetite and significant weight loss
  • Increased sensitivity to the effects of alcohol, which is manifested by pain in the lymph nodes after its use
  • Repeated bacterial, viral and fungal infections characterized by its severity


 Diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel

Modern equipment at Herzliya Medical Center allows to carry out all the necessary diagnostic procedures in an extremely short time. For the diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma at HMC, Israel, a well-equipped laboratory with innovative methods of research, include the following:

  • A thorough physical examination by a hematology specialist searching for clinical signs indicating lymphoma, as well as coordinating  further diagnostic program
  • Laboratory studies of the peripheral blood, including blood and blood formation functions of the immune system
  • Biopsy of enlarged lymph nodes, followed by a histology for the presence of specific cell lymphoma
  • Bone marrow examination for suspected infiltration by cancer cells
  • Methods of X-ray and visual diagnostics of the internal organs for signs of disease (ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, MRI)

After obtaining the necessary information, an individual program of treatment will be set for the patient based on histological characteristics of lymphoma, stage of the disease, the degree of internal organ involvement, the patient's age and the presence of comorbidities.

Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment in Israel

Success in the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel is achieved through integrated therapy based on the latest scientific developments in the field of oncology. Among the main methods of treatment, it is important to note:

  • Chemotherapy using anticancer drugs which give a fine effect both in primary and in advanced stages of the disease. The vast majority of lymphomas are sensitive to modern drugs that are used in Hodgkin's lymphoma intravenously
  • Radiotherapy is often combined with medication. Irradiation are capable of destroying cancer cells or slow their growth significantly. The combination of chemotherapy and radiation allows to achieve a full recovery or a stable remission.
  • Bone marrow transplantation in Hodgkin's lymphoma is applied in a relapsing form of the disease. Healthy stem cells transplant precedes chemotherapy in high doses which completely inhibits the growth of malignant tumors. Subsequent transplantation can restore normal process of hematopoiesis

The basic principle of Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital is a strictly individual approach to achieve optimal treatment results and a speedy recovery.


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