Dr. Noam Asna

Dr. Noam Asna


  • Medical oncology and radiation oncology
  • Head and neck oncology
  • Melanoma and bladder cancer
  • Stomach and pancreas

Clinical Experience

  • Currently Head of the Oncology Institute - Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel
  • 2007-2014 - worked at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center:
    a) Director of Oncology Inpatient Department
    b) Medical Director of the Alternative and Complementary Medical Center for Cancer Patients
    c) Medical oncologist at the Service of Head and Neck Oncology
  • 2005-2015 - Leumit Health Fund:
    a) Medical Oncology consultant and practitioner
    b) Director of medical risk management and malpractice lawsuits unit (till 2013)
  • In 2014 - Medical Advisor – Boehringer-Ingelheim Israel
  • Leading oncologist and radiotherapy specialist at Herzliya Medical Center


  • 1993 - Graduated from Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology), M.D.
  • 1997 - Medical Hypnosis studies and license - The Medical Hypnosis Center, Kfar-Saba, Israel
  • 2002 - Master in Health Administration, Ben-Gurion University
  • 2004 - Completed residency in oncology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel
  • 2005 - B. Oncol and M. Oncol (Master) in Oncology, Tel Aviv University,
    Faculty of Medicine School of Continuing Medical Education
  • 2005 - Certified as specialist in Medical Oncology and in Radiation Oncology

Professional associations

  • Israel Society for Clinical Oncology and Radiotherpay (ISCORT)
  • Israel Society of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology
  • Member of the Israel Bar Association (IBAM)

Academic experience

  • Previously Clinical Instructor in Oncology and currently Teacher in the Department of Medical Education,
    Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University


  • http://www.pubfacts.com/author/Asna+Noam

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