Bone Marrow Transplant in Israel

Bone marrow transplant in Israel is carried out by experts of the Hematology Department at “Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital.

Bone marrow transplantation and stem cell transplantation are among the most complex medical procedures whose success depends not only on the professional level, but also on the technological features to create the appropriate conditions for patients throughout the treatment period.

"Herzliya Medical Center" over the years has become the benchmark of perfect quality and professionalism, constantly introducing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods of treatment in Israel, taking care of maintaining an unsurpassed level of efficiency and safety.

Bone marrow transplant procedure

The procedure for bone marrow transplantation and stem cells is a medical procedure used in the treatment of many malignant blood diseases, certain types of severe cancer treatable with high doses of chemotherapy, and a number of benign diseases, including those of genetic origin.

It is known that bone marrow cells characterized by rapid division and high levels of metabolism are particularly sensitive to anticancer drugs. Diseases affecting the bone marrow, causing structural damage cells, induce the abundance of pathological and non-functional elements, combined with the suppression of the normal process of hematopoiesis.

Chemotherapy drugs can completely suppress bone marrow hematopoiesis, destroying pathological cancerous lesions and healthy areas. The subsequent administration of intact cells will restore normal structure and the blood forming function of bone marrow.

The difference between bone marrow and stem cell donor is a method of harvesting tissue. From a bone marrow transplant donor, material is obtained directly from the bone marrow using the puncture. The harvesting of stem cells from the peripheral blood of an available donor happens with subsequent filtration.

Indications for bone marrow transplant in Israel

Research has significantly expanded in recent years for the indications for transplantation. The main indications for bone marrow transplants in Israel are:

  • Blood cancer . Malignant tumors of the bone marrow and lymphoid tissue with bone marrow proliferation - acute myeloid and lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic myelogenous leukemia, lymphoma
  • Cancer treatment in Israel . Severe forms of cancer, requiring the use of high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, causing suppression of the process of hematopoiesis
  • Syndromes accompanied by bone marrow dysplasia
  • Hereditary disturbances of the blood (sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, aplastic anemia)
  • Some forms of congenital and acquired disorders of the immune system, as well as severe diseases of autoimmune origin


How is bone marrow transplant in Israel conducted?

The procedure of bone marrow transplantation in Israel in several stages are:

  • Selection of the donor or the collection of the patient's own stem cells. The selection procedure depends on the type of the disease. Preference is given to autologous transplantation in which healthy stem cells are collected from patients before treatment. Allogeneic transplantation - the transplantation of donor cells is possible after a thorough research on the compatibility to minimize the risk of rejection
  • Administration of chemotherapeutic drugs that suppress the process of hematopoiesis. Since the introduction of chemotherapy, patients are in isolated wards to prevent the risk of infectious complications. Chemotherapy is administered intravenously by individualized protocols using drugs that control side effects.
  • Definition of aplastic phase - a state of complete termination of functioning of healthy cells. Stem cells are injected intravenously and are absorbed in the field of bone marrow hematopoiesis - sternum and other flat bones. With a successful transplant procedure healthy cells quickly begin the process of growth and division, restoring the normal structure of the bone marrow. Since the transplant prior to the effective functioning, patients are particularly at risk and remain in strict isolation. During this period the staff at the Department of Oncology at "Herzliya Medical Center" carry  out a full range of prevention and treatment of complications (administration of blood products, antibiotics and symptomatic therapy)
  • The recovery period begins with the date of resumption of functional activity of transplanted healthy cells. The proliferation of bone marrow increases the level of red blood cells (red blood cells responsible for the transport of gases), platelets (important clotting factor) and leukocytes (white blood cells responsible for immunity). Experts assess the safety clearance time of isolation and extract for further outpatient care.


Side effects and risks associated with bone marrow transplantation

Modern technologies allow skilled professionals at "Herzliya Medical Center" to cope with the overwhelming majority of possible complications in the process of bone marrow transplantation. The main complications are:

  • Rejection of donor cells. Modern methods of research on the genetic compatibility before the transplant procedure minimize the possibility of rejection of the donor stem cells. Currently expanding indications for autologous transplantation (transplantation with your own healthy stem cells collected before treatment), completely eliminates the risk of rejection
  • Lack of donor cells and the need for repeated transplantation. Its stem cell bank will allow the clinic to pick up the required dose of cells for repeat treatment
  • Infectious complications as a result of the complete suppression of blood production processes reduce the protective abilities of the organism. Prevention of infectious complications is achieved by means of modern insulators, allowing to provide quality care for patients undergoing transplant process in the limiting conditions of sterility. The use of modern high-performance antimicrobial and antifungal drugs help to cope with the appearance of infectious complications

Years of successful operations by the experts of Herzliya Medical Center have enabled hundreds of patients from all over the world to undergo a successful transplant procedure, returning hope for a full recovery and a return to normal life. Comprehensive and personalized approach to oncology treatment helps clinical staff to provide comprehensive support to patients, based on the principles of professionalism and humanism.


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