Cost of cancer treatment

Cost of cancer treatment

The leading private Israeli hospital “Herzliya Medical Center” provides diagnostics and treatment of all cancer types. Oncology is one of the most developed sectors of Israeli medicine. Cancer centers of the country comply with international standards and use the latest advanced methods in surgery and pharmacology. Prices for cancer treatment in Israel are much lower than in European clinics, the United States, Canada and the developed countries in Asia, which leads to high popularity in the field of medical tourism.

How much does cancer treatment cost?

The cost of all medical procedures is regulated by the Ministry of Health of Israel. When the cost of treatment is calculated, it should take into account the following components:

  • Cancer diagnostics price in Israel. Preparing the optimal treatment program often requires undertaking a lot of additional tools and laboratory tests. Diagnosis of cancer usually involves a CT scan ($ 800-1300), magnetic resonance imaging – MRI ($ 1300-1500), positron emission tomography – PET-CT ($ 1900-2000), the laboratory study of tumor markers ( $ 200-400), histological examination ($ 250-500). Diagnosis cost also depends on the need for special premedication prior to certain types of procedures.
  • The cost of surgical treatment. The operation price depends on the organ where surgery is performed, as well as the procedure methods (microsurgical intervention, endoscopic surgery, open surgery).
  • Payment of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. The cost depends on the type of procedure, technique and anesthesia specialist qualification.
  • The cost of hospitalization. The price of in-patient treatment depends on unit type. For example, the cost of hospitalization days in the general ward is about $ 800, and a price of hospitalization in the intensive care unit can be about $ 2,000. These prices do not include a private room and a personal nurse.
  • The cost of implants or prostheses used during a surgical procedure.
  • Price of additional treatment. Cost determined by the type of chemotherapy drug, its dosage, and duration of treatment. The cost of one procedure with external exposure is about $ 240-300.
  • The cost of travel and accommodation (during procedures that do not require hospitalization).

In most cases, the final cost of treatment can be determined only after all the necessary diagnostic procedures and assess the patient’s response to therapy.

Price of lung cancer treatment

The price for the treatment of lung cancer in Israel depends on the stage of the disease and the histological tumor type. The major diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in this type of cancer should include:

  • Laboratory diagnosis of blood and tumor markers ($ 650-800)
  • Bronchoscopic of the tumor, also thoracoscopic or puncture biopsy methods (around $ 4,000)
  • Histological examination of brought from abroad specimen – revision ($ 650-1300)
  • Visualization of the tumor and the diagnosis of metastasis (ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, MRI)
  • The price range for the surgical treatment of lung cancer starts with $ 22,000
  • Radiation therapy ($ 240 per session) and chemotherapy (starting at $ 3,500 for a course of treatment)

Price of prostate cancer treatment

Price of treating prostate cancer in Israel includes the following procedures:

  • Laboratory diagnosis of blood and urine, including a lab-test of prostate cancer tumor marker level – PSA (about $ 900)
  • Ultrasound scan of the genitourinary system ($ 450)
  • Diagnosis of tumor size and the presence of metastatic lesions (CT, PET-CT, isotope bone scan)
  • Needle biopsy of the prostate with ultrasound guidance (3800 $)
  • The price range for the surgical treatment of prostate cancer begins with $ 8000

Price of gastric cancer treatment

Price of gastric cancer treatment in Israel includes the following procedures:

  • Laboratory blood tests ($ 650)
  • Endoscopic gastroscopy and biopsy ($ 1300-1500)
  • Histological examination of brought from abroad specimen – revision ($ 650-1300)
  • Scanning with ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, and MRI – choice of method is carried out by specialists clinic “Herzliya Medical Center,” depending on the results of previous examinations.
  • The price range for the surgical treatment of gastric cancer is about 32,000 $ (radical or partial gastrectomy)
  • The course of drug treatment (chemotherapy)

Price of breast cancer treatment

The selection of the tumor treatment method depends on the diagnostic results. Price of breast cancer treatment include:

  • General blood analysis and tumor markers for breast cancer ($ 650)
  • Visualization of the tumor using ultrasound and mammography ($ 450)
  • A biopsy with ultrasound guidance (3200-4200 $)
  • Diagnosis of secondary spread of tumors – ultrasound examination of the internal organs, CT, PET-CT, and MRI
  • Surgical treatment – lumpectomy (starting at $ 14,500), mastectomy (starting at $ 19,500), with an immediate restoration of the breast ($ 45000-65000)
  • The price of chemotherapy targeted therapy, hormonal treatment ranges from $ 4000 to $ 19000.

 Price of liver cancer treatment

Price of liver cancer treatment in Israel includes the following procedures:

  • Full scan using one or more methods – ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, MRI
  • Puncture or laparoscopic liver biopsy
  • The price for the surgical treatment of liver cancer is about $ 25,000
  • Chemotherapy (starting at $ 3,500)
  • External radiation (from $ 240 per session)
  • General and specific studies of blood parameters, including tumor markers and liver function tests (starting at $ 560)