Scientists discovered the mechanism behind ostearthrosis of the hip

Ostearthrosis of the hipDuring a scientific research of ostearthrosis of the hip scientists discovered a mechanism, which causes bone destruction and the progression of the disease. This discovery might help doctors develop an efficient treatment for a disease that is currently incurable.


The mechanism behind joint destruction

Ostearthrosis is quite common and is seen mostly in elderly people. The disease involves a wearing out of the joint cartilage, which causes the patient unbearable pain and movement restriction. Ostearthrosis develops over a period of several years but the symptoms don’t manifest until the cartilage is worn out to the point of joint dysfunction. The patient starts experiencing pain, restriction of movement and even joint deformation. Usually the disease develops in the fingers of the hands, knees and hips.


In one of the donated to research hip joints scientists discovered high density mineralized protrusions. These are small cracks in the cartilage which form as a result of damage to healthy tissue. When the cracks grow pieces of cartilage set free and move around the joint, causing even more damage to the healthy tissues.


Currently available treatments for ostearthrosis

In the early stages of the disease ostearthrosis treatment involves mostly anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs in combination with physiotherapy. Once the disease progresses steroids are prescribed, but their effect is very limited. When all the conservative options have failed, doctors have no choice but to recommend a hip replacement. Maybe the discovery made in this research will eventually help doctors find a better treatment for hip ostearthrosis.


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