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Patients suffering from lung cancer, receive personalized treatment under the guidance of Professor Peled, a leading specialist in the field of oncology and pulmonology.


Professor Nir Peled: “Due to the high morbidity and increased mortality among lung cancer patients, we are expanding the scope of health services at Herzliya Medical Center with the examination and treatment of malignant diseases of the lungs improving the quality of patient care, allowing to save thousands of lives and to provide patients with a highly professional and comprehensive medical care."

Нир Пелед

The basic principles of personalized medicine at "Herzliya Medical Center" are as follows:

1. High professional level:

• A complete set of the most advanced research

• Use the most informative laboratory and instrumental methods of diagnosis

• Working with the country's leading experts in the field

2. Carrying out the necessary procedures as soon as possible:

• Development of the most effective algorithms and protocols of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

• Collect all necessary histology

• Adoption of a clear and unequivocal decision on the need for additional diagnostic methods based on the information

• Immediate conduction of invasive research methods to confirm the exact final diagnosis

The primary objectives of "Herzliya Medical Center" in relation to a patient suffering from lung cancer are:

• Provide diagnosis in an extremely short time

• Determine the exact stage of the spread of the disease as soon as possible

• Arrange to collect the necessary data for the treatment, using the most informative and accurate methods

• Develop and immediately begin treatment program, formulated in detail and explain to the patient the methods, goals and outlook

A diagnostic program for lung cancer involves two main areas:

1. A program of early diagnosis of lung cancer

The purpose of this program is the timely diagnosis of the disease among the population with a high probability of developing lung cancer. At risk are:

• Smokers over the age of 50 (or more than 30 pack-years *)

• Patients suffering from lung cancer in the past

• Groups exposed to carcinogens in the workplace or residence (air pollution, asbestos, work rector)

The program includes the following diagnostic procedures:

• Clinical examination

• Functional study of the lungs

• Computer tomography protocol low dose irradiation

• Studies of tumor markers - CEA, CA 125, ONCIMMUNE, CYPHRA 21, NSE, PROGRP

• Bronchoscopic study on the testimony - in the presence of a pathological process, a suspicious tumor biopsy or bronchoscopy is performed under CT


2. A program for patients diagnosed with lung cancer

   The program includes:

• Diagnosis of the disease stage using PET-CT

• Tomographic study of the brain (with the disease starting from step 2 above)

• Invasive diagnostic procedures in order to obtain tumor tissue samples (biopsy) for accurate and final diagnosis

• Surgical procedures

• Palliative interventions such as stenting with bronchial obstruction, caused by mechanical pressure of the tumor

For patients suffering from an inoperable form of lung cancer we develop an individual treatment program, including:

• Advanced methods of genetic and molecular studies of the tumor in order to determine the sensitivity to anticancer drugs

• Application of biological treatment methods, taking into account the characteristics of the disease

• Development of optimal treatment strategies using modern chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy

* According to the International Association of lung cancer this figure is calculated by the following formula - the number of packs smoked per day multiplied by the number of years of smoking. For example, if a person smokes two packs of cigarettes a day for 17 years, then the multiplication of these data, we figure 34 packs for the years of abuse, which is a high risk factor for malignant lung diseases (34 pack-years) and requires the attention of an oncologist.


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