Multiple IVF Cycles Boosts Success Rates

This month (December 2015), the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published results of the latest study in the field of IVF, which indicated that approximately 65% of patients who underwent IVF gave birth after six cycles of treatment. These findings support the efficacy that after 3-4 IVF cycles, boost success rates for infertile women up to 42 years of age.

A successful American journal (JAMA) published the results of extensive and long-term research in the field of IVF, carried out in England. The study involved 157,000 women who had more than 257,000 IVF cycles from 2003 to 2010. A summary of the results:

  • Live birth* rate after the first cycle of IVF in 29.5% of patients
  • Live birth rate after the fourth IVF cycle in 20.5% of patients
  • Live birth rate increases, as the number of IVF cycles increase – by the sixth cycle live birth rate is up to 65.3%

*Infants born alive following 24 weeks gestation, and survived longer than a month

Leading experts in the field of infertility treatment amazed at the results. One of the most experienced fertility experts at Herzliya Medical Center, Professor Dov Feldberg, added, "Before this study, no one had provided us with evidence to see the whole picture."

A woman's age is an important factor in the success of the procedure; the study also compared different age groups:

  • Live birth rate after the first cycle of IVF in 32.3% of patients younger than 40 years, compared with 12.3% in patients aged 40-42
  • Live birth rate after the sixth cycle of IVF in 68.4% of patients younger than 40 years, compared with 31.5% in patients aged 40-42

IVF specialists agree that the results of this study will enable patients to make better-informed decisions on the termination or continuation of attempts to get pregnant. Until now, it was a popular belief, that after 4-5 cycles of IVF that chances of achieving pregnancy were significantly low, but the results of this study clearly refute it.

Israel funds IVF treatment for patients under 44 years of age. Statistics indicate that healthy babies have been born even after 12, 15 and 20 cycles of IVF. Every year, 40,000 IVF procedures are performed in Israel, 10,000 result in pregnancy of which 7500 are live birth.

The leading Department of IVF at Herzliya Medical Center offers world-renowned specialists, the latest equipment and advanced laboratories. Our doctors diagnose and effectively treat both female and male infertility; a Case Manager fully assists and supports couples throughout the process.

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