Laser Surgery for Laryngeal Cancer

Until recently, the standard protocol for the treatment of cancer of the vocal cords included radiotherapy. This treatment applies even in cases of early stage laryngeal cancer (larynx cancer). When there is invasive tumor growth, radiation is often combined with chemotherapy. However, the development of technology and the numerous studies on the use of medical lasers in oncology have allowed experts to develop a new and highly effective method of removing malignant tumors of the larynx (voice box).

What is laser surgery?Laser surgery for laryngeal cancer

The laser beam is a focused light beam of a certain color and frequency. The ability to control the intensity, size and direction of the laser beam allows optimal accuracy in the procedure, which is especially important when surgeons operate on small-sized organs.

The laser is used for resection (removal) of the tumor with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissue. The high temperature at the incision site results in the clotting of blood vessels, thereby preventing the development of unwanted bleeding during surgery.

To date, this technology is recognized as the most effective in the treatment of early forms of cancer of the larynx, i.e. tumors that have not yet penetrated into the deep tissue and spread beyond the larynx. Before a final decision on carrying out laser surgery, it is necessary to conduct a biopsy of the tumor tissue, as well as computed tomography of the larynx and neck. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and under the control of a laryngoscope (device for visual observation of the cavity of the larynx and vocal cords region) and an operating microscope.

What are the advantages of laser removal of laryngeal cancer?

A professor in Germany pioneered the technique of laser removal of laryngeal cancer. Clinical studies have shown excellent results: Without the use of radiation therapy, doctors have identical results in treatment, with significantly fewer side effects. Today, laser removal is considered to be the preferred treatment for the early stages of laryngeal cancer in the US, Europe and Israel. Furthermore:

  • Laser surgery is more accurate in comparison with classical surgical techniques
  • Most tissue surrounding the tumor remains intact
  • Eliminates the risk of bleeding during surgery
  • Laser ablation of the tumor is better tolerated and cause less pain and discomfort to the patient
  • Shorter period of post-operative rehabilitation and minimal risk of complications

What is the prognosis of a full recovery?

A timely diagnosis of laryngeal cancer (stage T1), allows laser removal of tumors, ensuring patients a full recovery without the need for additional treatment in 95% of cases. The growth and infiltration of a tumor to surrounding tissue significantly reduces the ability of a full recovery. A breakthrough in the treatment of laryngeal cancer in the early stages - laser surgery, with 95 % cure rate. Cancer treatment in Herzliya Medical Center.

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