Inoperable Conditions, Difficult but Possible

Cancer Surgery is one of the main specialties at "Herzliya Medical Center," where hundreds of operations are carried out annually by the removal of various malignant tumors.
HMC boasts an impressive record of the number of successful outcomes, the lack of deaths and a very low percentage of postoperative complications. Using high-tech resources for operations, as well as unique skills allow doctors to perform surgery in the most severe conditions, which until recently were considered inoperable.

A Story of Survival

Most recently at "Herzliya Medical Center" a complex operation has been held to extract the giant cancer (sarcoma) of the abdomen of a young man of 29 years. The operation lasted several hours, during which the affected organs were removed. Despite the fact that the patient had his organs removed and blood vessels, his life was spared, and after a course of rehabilitation treatment he recuperated.
Invasive Procedure - Minimal Risk
Operations at "Herzliya Medical Center" are performed both by open and minimally invasive techniques. For example, if prostate cancer is often found in men after 50 years, there is a need for a radical removal of the prostate, the clinic surgeons use the laparoscopic approach for preventing abdominal incision and allow through small incisions in the abdominal wall the surgical instruments to penetrate and with it a laparoscope with a video camera at the end, providing the surgeon a clear view of the surgical field.
At the same time surgeons have used methods for hospital innervation preservation, in order to reduce as far as possible the likelihood of postoperative neurological complications.

Indicators of surgical skill

Over the past decade, "Herzliya Medical Center" conducted hundreds of complex operations on the pancreas and liver, which is currently considered one of the most difficult types of surgery and requires high skills of the surgeon in the first place. The level of performance of these operating procedures are an absolute indicator of the degree of staff and the quality of all the components of surgical formation - equipment, anesthesia, intensive care, rehabilitation, nursing care and, of course, mostly the operational process.
From year to year "Herzliya Medical Center" displays excellent performance, and successful experience in all these aspects. In 99 percent of the cases of complex surgical procedures at “Herzliya Medical Center" a successful outcome has been recorded.
Sterile Protection and Prevention
Another significant advantage of "Herzliya Medical Center" is a zero risk of iatrogenic infections and nosocomial infections that is, germs and bacterias. This phenomenon is common in larger hospitals, working in emergency mode and takes care of a large number of patients. Since "Herzliya Medical Center “private hospital operates only in a planned manner, in conjunction with a limited term of hospitalization, in all the operating units and divisions a flawless sterile atmosphere has been established, preventing infection and its transmission.
Due to the professionalism of the surgeons and the exceptional quality control of medical care, "Herzliya Medical Center," boasts the highest standards of surgical oncology in Israel.

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