Innovative minimally invasive system for spinal fusion ZIP ULTRA

A new minimally invasive system for spinal fusion ZIP ULTRA was used for the first time in Israel by leading spinal surgeon professor Gepstein Reuven at Herzliya Medical Center.


ZIP ULTRAFor the first time in Israel an innovative spinal fusion system called ZIP ULTRA was used by Professor Reuven Gepstein at Herzliya Medical center. Professor Gepstein has already performed several procedures and the results exceed all expectations. The ZIP ULTRA system is, basically, an implant which was designed to substitute the use of screws and plates during spinal fixation.


The ZIP ULTRA implant’s purpose is to stabilize the spine and reduce the load on the thoracolumbar discs (T1-S1). The system can be used for interbody fusion, treatment of degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, and/or tumor.


The implant includes a unique locking mechanism ZIP ONE-STEP, thanks to which there is no need in screws or plates during the fusion. The implant also has a large barrel of adjustable diameter designed for bone or artificial grafts. The ZIP ULTRA is designed in various sizes to accommodate variations in patient anatomy.


Professor Reuven Gepstein“The ZIP ULTRA MIS fusion system is a very intuitive and easy to use system that allows me to perform a short and safe surgery while avoiding the risk of nerve impact," says Prof. Gepstein.  "The surgery was performed under local anesthesia, was quick with minimal pain and the patient's recovery time is expected to be extremely rapid."


Professor Gepstein Reuven is a world renowned spinal surgeon. “Herzliya Medical Center” offers its patients most advanced and innovative treatment methods for spinal pathologies guided by Israel’s best specialists.

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