Genetic analysis of sperm "halosperm"

Infertility treatment is not a straightforward process, especially if the cause of the pathology is unknown. If you have already made several unsuccessful IVF attempts, you should do a genetic analysis of sperm - halosperm.

What is Halosperm?

Genetic analysis of sperm Halosperm analysis (HALOSPERM®) is an expanded spermogram, within which the DNA of sperm is analyzed. The test reveals the presence of damaged DNA in the sperm nucleus, resulting in an effective treatment plan for a couple.

Throughout the usual spermogram, only the concentration, mobility and morphology of spermatozoa is analyzed. However, a "good" spermogram does not exclude the possibility of genetic disorders. A high concentration of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA in the nucleus can lead to male infertility.

Decoding of the halosperm allows to detect the presence of genetic abnormalities, as well as to calculate the DNA Fragmentation Index. Fertilization with damaged DNA sperm can lead to misbirth or development of fetal with congenital malformations, as the result of which pregnancy will have to be stopped.

The advanced method of fertilization IMSI

As it is known to everyone who has already undergone IVF, one of the accepted methods in the case of male infertility is ICSI (artificial introduction of a sperm into an egg). However, when selecting spermatozoa for ICSI, its genetic analysis is not being carried out.

Over the past few years, a new method for treating male infertility - IMSI - has been improved. This method is used precisely in those cases when a man had genetic anomalies at the DNA level of the nucleus of spermatozoa. Selection of spermatozoa for IVF is performed with the help of all-powerful microscopes, which increase the image by several thousand times!

The treatment of infertility in the Herzliya Medical Center

For several decades the ECO Center in the Herzliya clinic has already been a leader in its field of activity:

  • Advanced laboratory
  • High-tech equipment
  • Wide experience of the best specialists in reproductive medicine in Israel
  • Moral support and accompaniment at every stage of the process

All the above and much more makes Herzliya Medical Center the be the only appropriate choice for the treatment of infertility in Israel.

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