X-ray Computed Tomography I Dose 4

The innovative technique of X-ray computed tomography with low dose I DOSE 4 is now available to patients at "Herzliya Medical Center" private hospital.

The Department of Medical Radiology and Imaging at HMC makes every effort to implement the most modern and safest methods. X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is one of the most important methods of radiological diagnosis, which allows a three-dimensional image of organs and tissues in high resolution.

CT can detect minor changes in the anatomical structure of almost all organs of the human body, including blood vessels and mucous membranes, which allows many patients to avoid invasive procedures. The method is based on a stratified radiological survey performed from different viewing angles. Subsequent computer processing recreates the exact spatial pattern of the body and high resolution images make it possible to detect pathological lesions of even a few millimeters.

The I DOSE 4 is a new technology which provides even a better quality of picture while minimizing considerably the dose of radiation exposure during the test. The diagnostic capabilities are expended and side effects reduced.

Leading oncologists clinic "Herzliya Medical Center"

Professor Joseph Klausner

Leading specialist in the field of surgical oncology

Dr. Handel Boris

Leading specialist in the field of thoracic oncology surgery

Professor Haim Gutman

Leading specialist in the field of surgical oncology

Professor Amy Fishman

Leading specialist in the field of gynecological oncology

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