Can a Daily Walk Prevent Breast Cancer?

senior women exerciseOlder women who have a daily routine of walking exercise enjoy a reduced chance of being effected with breast cancer, a new ACS research determines.

According to The American Cancer Society researchers, women who embrace athletic walking habits show lower rates of illness even compared to women who walk daily, but at a moderate pace. The physical activity of over 73,000 postmenopausal women were examined during the research, with an average age of 63.

The research found that those who walked an hour a day at a moderate pace decreased the chance of developing breast cancer by 14%, while women who walked at an intensive pace decreased the chances by 25%. During the research, which took place between the years 1992 and 2009, 4,760 participants were effected with breast cancer.

The researchers conducted a comparative analysis of the information gathered from the effected women, compared to the healthy women. The data clearly showed that women who walked at least seven hours a week, even if at a moderate pace, showed significantly lower rates of breast cancer than those who didn’t walk at all or walked up to only 3 hours a week.

The explanation for the connection between physical activity and the reduced risk of breast cancer is hormonally related. According to the researchers, the risk of developing breast cancer is impacted by the amount of the woman’s exposure to the female hormone estrogen. The more estrogen exposure – the higher the risk. Past researches show that older women who regularly exercise show lower levels of estrogen compared to those who do not.

Advanced Breast Health Center at HMC

While taking the advice of the researchers, and embracing a daily hour walk to your routine is definitely recommended, do not forget that a routine breast exam is also necessary once you have reached a certain age.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer effecting women, and in fact is the one of the main causes for female mortality today. Herzliya Medical Center has recently launched a new advanced Breast Health Center for accurate early diagnosis with the most high-end, innovative imaging equipment available today.

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