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It is no secret that the level of medicine in Israel is one of the best in the world. Israel has repeatedly been elected as one of the best countries for medical tourism by various reputable newspapers and companies that specialize in the field of medical treatment abroad. There are several reasons for Israel being in the forefront of health among other developed countries: Its significant role in the development of medicine, equipment of public hospitals with modern equipment and, of course, the level of qualification of medical personnel.

Best specialists in Israel - HMCQualifying as a doctor in Israel is not an easy feat. Entrance examinations for medical faculties of Israeli universities are very complex, and even at this stage of the thousands who enroll, only a few hundred are selected. After five years of intense and difficult training, their internship begins. Young doctors work day and night, going from one department to another, learning the basics of various specializations.

After passing the final exam and obtaining a license to practice medicine in Israel, the newly qualified doctor, as a rule, chooses the direction in which he/ she will do an internship over the next 3-5 years. Units selected also have the opportunity to improve their skills in their chosen field of medicine in the leading European and American medical centers.

It then after nearly 10 years that the medical student becomes a medical specialist; who will then begin to build their career in one of the public hospitals in Israel, sometimes in conjunction with a private practice.

Doctors who came to Israel from other countries must pass the final exams to obtain their license to practice medicine in Israel (regardless of their prior experience and length of service).

The best specialists in Israel at Herzliya Medical Center

Foreign patients, as well as residents of Israel have the right to choose their physician exclusively in private hospitals. Some doctors are in private practice in several hospitals at the same time, however, there are experts who consult and operate exclusively at Herzliya Medical Center - a leading private hospital in Israel.

Professor Nir Peled

Prof. Nir Peled - lung cancer specialistProfessor Nir Peled - leading Israeli expert in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Prof. Peled holds a prestigious post of Chairman of the committee on the prevention, screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

His areas of activity include the study of biomarkers of lung cancer, personalized medicine and immuno-oncology. In an exclusive interview, Prof. Nir Peled explains: "Personalized medicine involves the development of individual treatment for each patient, based on the identification of his cancer type and the gene responsible for it. Personalized medicine is a revolution in the understanding of the process of cancer at the molecular level. It is thanks to biomolecular analysis of histological tumor material and biological targeted therapies that life expectancy of more than 50% of patients with lung cancer is greater than 3.5 years."

Prof. Peled also talks about biological therapy, "Biological therapy targets the genetic structure of the cancer cells by blocking the receptors that receive signals and trigger mechanisms of malignant transformation of cells. Today, we can stop the mechanism of gene mutations at the molecular level. "

Imaging results of a cancer patient before and after biological therapy:

Biological treatment in lung cancer

Read the full interview with Professor Peled.

Herzliya Medical Center offers a specialized diagnosis of lung cancer under the supervision of Prof. Peled.

Doctor Yanai Ben-Gal

Doctor Yanai Ben-Gal - Cardiothoracic SurgeryDr. Yanai Ben-Gal - one of the most prominent heart surgeons in Israel. Dr. Ben-Gal specializes in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, as well as hybrid cardiac surgery. After graduating from his residency in an Israeli hospital, Dr. Ben-Gal for two years furthered his qualifications in the field of minimally invasive cardiac surgery, hybrid and endovascular surgery in the United States.

Upon returning to Israel, Dr. Ben-Gal was appointed head of the division of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and today he is the head of the entire cardiac complex.

In an exclusive interview with Herzliya Medical Center, Dr. Ben-Gal discusses minimally invasive cardiac surgery, "The main advantage of minimally invasive cardiac surgery, of course, is to refrain from opening the chest. Thus, the recovery of the patient in the postoperative period in the hospital, as well as a return to routine daily activities is much faster. Additionally, the patient experiences less pain, risk of infection is much lower, and less blood loss, which minimizes blood transfusions."

Watch the full interview with Doctor Ben-Gal on minimally invasive cardiac (heart) surgery.

Professor Shlomo Constantini

Professor Shlomo Constantini - Adult and Pediatric NeurosurgeryProfessor Shlomo Constantini - the world-famous children's neurosurgeon. During his twenty-year career as professor, Prof. Constantini has numerous accomplishments; today he manages the Department of Neurosurgery at Children's Medical Center at Sourasky, Tel Aviv.

Prof. Konstantin furthered his skills in leading neurosurgical centers in the US and Canada and specializes in microsurgery of the brain and spinal cord, reconstruction of the cranial and spinal pathologies, neurosurgery of brain aneurysms, treatment of hydrocephalus, epilepsy and more.

In addition to his activities in the State Hospital, Professor Konstantin maintains a private practice and operates exclusively at Herzliya Medical Center. For more information, view the Department of Neurosurgery at HMC.

Professor Joseph Klausner

Professor Josef Klausner - OncosurgeryProf. Joseph Klausner - one of the most famous surgeons in Israel, mainly due to him being highly qualified in the field of oncology. Over the last few years, Prof. Klausner has been head of the surgical complex at Sourasky public hospital.

Prof. Klausner specializes in the surgical treatment of cancer, particularly of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, pancreas, the abdominal cavity and more. He achieved his high level of specialization thanks to several long years of training, including training courses in the United States.

In addition to his activities in the State Hospital, Prof. Klausner operates exclusively at Herzliya Medical Center. For more information, view the Department of Oncology at HMC.

As a private clinic, Herzliya Medical Center gives you access to elite doctors in Israel. You have a unique opportunity to choose the doctor who will accompany you throughout your treatment and who will be available for any necessary follow-up treatment even when you return home.

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