Bariatric surgery: more than obesity treatment

A person suffering from obesity, as a rule, has several associated diseases, among which liver obesity is often observed. New research has shown that the surgical treatment of obesity helps to restore the liver from secondary obesity diseases.

Obesity is becoming more and more common in the Western world. This problem carries several secondary pathologies, including diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver obesity, and more. This clinical situation is fraught with serious complications, including heart attack, dysfunction of the respiratory tract, cirrhosis of the liver and even death.

The treatment of obesity depends on the stage of the disease and the general condition of the patient. The preference is given to lifestyle changes and weight loss because of proper nutrition. As a rule, secondary obesity diseases pass with the loss of weight. Despite this, even after the weight has normalized, the patient may need treatment of the liver obesity, which includes medication and a strict low-fat diet.

When the patient does not manage to lose weight on his own, and obesity has reached a life-threatening degree, he may be recommended to undergo an operation. The surgeries carried out for the obesity treatment are called bariatric.

Recently, a study was conducted with the purpose to check the connection between the surgical treatment of obesity (bariatric surgery) and improvement of the liver, especially in the case of obesity and cirrhosis. The reason for this study was the conclusion of hepatologists that the drug treatment of liver obesity does not give the desired results. In the search of an alternative, the doctors have revealed the restorative effect of the bariatric surgery on the liver.

The doctors monitored 152 patients suffering from severe obesity, accompanied by damage and liver disease, for 29 months. A liver biopsy before and after the procedure was taken from those patients who had to undergo surgery for the treatment of obesity. The spectrum of the liver diseases detected in the patients consisted of liver obesity, chronic inflammation, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

The results of postoperative biopsy have shown incredible improvement in the state of the liver: the fat deposits in the liver decreased in 70% of the patients, the degree of inflammation has substantially decreased and, in some cases, even disappeared. An improvement was found even in patients with cirrhosis.

Even before this study, it was known that bariatric surgeries not only help patients to lose weight but also help to significantly reduce the doses of medications taken. Previous studies have also shown that this type of surgery is effective in the treatment of diabetes. Now to this list of benefits the treatment for liver obesity can be added.

Dr. Subhi Abu Abeid, the leading Israeli surgeon in the field of bariatric surgery, advises his patients and conducts surgeries in the Herzliya Medical Center. The HMC clinic provides all types of surgical treatment for obesity.

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